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    keziah funnell

    Hi Nicola Thomas John AKEHURST died on 11 October 1918. He was born in Chiddingly, and during the Great War was a carter on Norlington Farm, Ringmer, living with his parents Thomas & Rose AKEHURST. His master tried to protect him from conscription on the grounds that he was needed on the farm...
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    richard washer

    Dear Nicola Richard & Susan WASHER had 4 children bapt in Ringmer between 1868 & 1877, the last being Lucy bapt 4 Mar 1877. There is a prominent and interesting WASHER family in 19th century Ringmer, but I have not linked this family to it, and there is no Ringmer baptism for Richard. Lucy...
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    eleanor williams

    Hi Nicola You really do have Ringmer ancestry to die for. We had a Ringmer History Study Group evening in Feb 2009 with the topic of "Ringmer from Samuel Williams' perspective". Not sure I can still lay my hands on the slides, though I have got the powerpoints of another evening on the...
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    nicholas clarke

    Nicholas CLARK(E) baptised Ringmer 28 Oct 1744 is the 3rd of 8 children of John & Catharine CLARK(E) bapt at Ringmer between 1741 & 1756. He is presumably the same Nicholas CLARK(E) who married Ruth BEARD at Ringmer 9 Aug 1770. They had at least 10 children bapt at Ringmer 1771-1800, but that...
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    caroline lillie towner

    Caroline's husband John TRIGWELL is a very well recorded Ringmer figure, right up to his transportation for theft (chickens and rabbits from the Green Man Inn) in 1837. His transportation record also survives, and shows he continued there in much the same vein as in Ringmer. Very detailed biog...