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    Frederick Mepsted - anything before 1881?

    Hi Trying to track my Gt Gt Grandfather - Frederick Mepsted. I've got him on 1881 & 1891 - with DOB as 1855 in 1881 and 1857 in 1891. His place of birth is given as St Giles, London, which matches with a Apr-Jun 1855 record on FreeBMD. I can't find him on any other census returns though...
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    Help needed - Gladys Trott

    Fantastic - that's got to be them. I'd thought of every variation except Saunders! Can't believe you tracked them down so fast Thank you!
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    Help needed - Gladys Trott

    Really, can anyone help me understand why I can't find Gladys or any of her family in the 1901 census? Or is there an alternative way I can look for any of these people? Gladys and her siblings were all born in South Petherton, Somerset. It just seems odd to me that I can find them on the...
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    Help needed - Gladys Trott

    Hi I can't find my great grandmother on the 1901 Census - or any of her family? I've got her mother on all the previous census results as variants of Rosina, Roseina and Rose - her maiden name was Dodge. Rose married William S Trott in 1893 and they appear in the 1911 Census with 4 children -...
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    hi everyone

    Hi Jon Your post is from a while ago, but I'm a new member and came across a link to the surname Hales, which I've found out a bit about. My grandfathers mother was a Hales (Lily), born in Lambeth in 1886. Her father was Charles Thomas Hales, born 1862 Battersea. Haven't gone any further...
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    Hello - new to researching my family tree

    Hi everyone I've just got stuck into researching my family tree after a couple of years of very tentative looking. It's amazing the amount you can find from just a few hours searching. I'm currently looking to my Grandfathers family - surnames - Mepsted, Hales, Bunce. Will keep looking! :)