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  1. scault

    Surname and Christian name help please

    Hi all, My great x 3 grandmother had a surname of CarnzerCaranzu, she gave her youngest son the name of Collexter/Collextor. Could both these names be Spanish or portugese. kind regards Sue Ault
  2. scault

    cant find this family

    Thank you Julie only just seen this after a few years away sue ault :)
  3. scault

    New Tree

    Hi all, I decided as part of my middle son christmas pressie, I would start a family history scrap book of his fathers welsh ancestors. As I divorced quite a few years ago there was no way my son's father, would help let alone converse with me. I decided to go it alone and ordered my son's...
  4. scault

    I don't believe it

    Well Hello all, It would appear it has been two years since I last came on here Just going to have a mooch around and see what you have all been up to Sue Ault :D
  5. scault

    Long Time no write

    Hello Everyone, I haven't been on here since March mainly because I haven't been too well. This has meant I haven't been doing any family history until now. I have left my A5 scrap books, and I must say it was really nice to look back on all the information i have on my family. Looking at all...
  6. scault

    Naughty lady

    Can I ask your opinions please, my x 2 Great grandmother Elizabeth Cronin possibly from Cork was living with who I thought was her husband Jeremiah Harrington. Jeremiah was born in 1800 and I have no idea where he was from. The family were living in Southwark, Surrey and in 1840 Jeremiah Died...
  7. scault

    Mary Ann

    Hi all, My great Aunt an elder sister of my Gran appears to have married a William Warwick abt 1896. Mary Ann Warwick nee cousins and husband are living at 22 Ashbrook rd, Islington, no children. By 1901 Mary Ann appears to be living with her eldest sister Edith and brother in law William J...
  8. scault

    look ups if possible

    Hi All, I am going to attempt to find them on scotslands people, wish me luck i wasted 4 free vouchers because i didn't know how to use it. Sue x :(
  9. scault

    look ups if possible

    Hiya all, all I know about john Clark snr abt 1771 is that on the 1851 census his occupation is a former quarrier, he is 80. I believe Ann Mcgregor may have died around 1820. the Clark men were it appears all quarrier's probably at the ballachulish quarry...
  10. scault

    look ups if possible

    If any one could help with just one of these people I would be ever so greatful. 1, Ann Clark nee McGregor possibly died 19/o6/1867 in litithgow, west lothian 2,john clark was 80 in 1851 living in lismore and appin. 3donald mcdonald i think is on the 1871 census aged 95 kilmallie argyll...
  11. scault

    look ups if possible

    I am going to be really cheeky here and understand if it's a no no. I am in the throws of trying to work out how to use scotslands people. I need to try to find 4 deaths so I can send off for them. 1, Donald McDonald born abt 1776 and his wife Christina Mccorquodale 1786. They may have died...
  12. scault

    Edwardian Birthday cards

    Hello all, Recently I visited an antique shop in Louth, Lincolnshire. Some beautiful little birthday post cards caught my eye and I bought them. I have had them for a while and it accured to me there maybe family somewhere that would love these cards. Luckily there is an address on the cards the...
  13. scault

    clan name

    Hi Dave, Do you know anything about these change of names in Scotland, I read somewhere they are known as septs. :confused: Sue :biggrin:
  14. scault

    clan name

    I have been told my x 4 great grandparents Donald McDonald and Christina Mccorquodale married on 27 04 1800 i think lismore. The point is Donald married using the surname Mckellach not McDonald. Something to do with septs ? :confused: Sue :o
  15. scault

    Robert ROB ROY McGregor

    Hi can anyone help please I have been in contact with a researcher on a well known site and she has given me supposed information on my tree. I have a john clark abt 1803 married to a Ann McGregor, it appears Ann married prior to a john paton or after john clark. From here Ann is supposed to be...
  16. scault

    new infomation

    Hello no sadly I have very little information:confused:
  17. scault

    missing Marriage

    Hi all, Can I ask please if any of you have an idea where I can look for a possible Marriage. Jeremiah Harrington abt 1800 married about 1832 ish to an Irish woman Elizabeth Cronin from cork. The family were living in southwark, surrey. It is possible they never married. I have found...
  18. scault

    Elizabeth Cronin

    Hi all, Since I was last on I have found some strange information on my x 3 grandmother a woman from cork, Ireland. Elizabeth Cronin was living with a Jeremiah Harrington in Southwark Surrey in the early 1830s. I have birth certs for two of her 3 children with Jeremiah. Her maiden name is down...
  19. scault

    Forgive me

    Thank you xxxxx :)
  20. scault


    I am ever so pleased, finally my late fathers medals have arrived after 10 months. I would like to thank the person/s who checked and found he did not collect them after the war. I think my Dad would be very pleased I have them now. sue