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    Little Wilbraham - Nicholas Lane

    Hi cp, Thanks ever so much. That is much more information than I have had about his crime but with all those others involved he may not have come Little Wilbraham but some other part of Cambridge. He did write to the 'lady of the Master, Downing College Cambridge in 1845. They replied with an...
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    Little Wilbraham - Nicholas Lane

    Hi Steve, Charles Long arrested with Nicholas Lane came from Little Wilbraham. As they were both youths I figured that they wouldn't live too far apart. He could I suppose be the son of Abraham Lane and Ann Hatley who were married in Little Wilbraham 31 July 1796 but I just can't seem to pin...
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    Little Wilbraham - Nicholas Lane

    I am looking for any information on Nicholas Lane or the Lane family from Little Wilbraham in Cambridgeshire. Nicholas was boorn about 1817 and was transported for 7 years as a convict after having been tried in the Cambridge Assizes Court. He was transported to New South Wales on the 'England...
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    Hi from Australia

    Hi everyone, I've been researching my family tree for a couple of years now. Pleased to meet you all. Cheryl