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    Ernest Peto

    Thanks for that will bear it in mind I know he was a POW in second war and have details of that. Appreciate your help regards lesleyanne
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    Hi Glynmarie Re Buntings 1911 Census William Buntings age 57 Farm Labourer Susan Bunting age 56 Wife Morely John Bunting son age 19 Farm Labourer Ethel Amy Bunting age 15 Daughter George William Bunting Grandson age 12 (born Kensel Rise London) Address: Roman Bank, Terrington, St Clement...
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    Just starting - unknown grandfather

    Hi welcome Just want to wish you the best of luck with your research and dont give up. Also the very best wishes for your sister and hope it all works out for her. lesleyanne
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    Ernest Peto

    Thanks Leefer, yes have been through the surrey peto's but cannot find a connection to my peto's. I will just have to trawl through the shipping details and see what i find. Somebody has put me on to an Ernest Peto who died in 1958 in Windsor, now I Know that his sister lived in Windsor for a...
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    Ernest Peto

    Thanks Oznannie The mystery still goes on, well at least it makes life interesting having these mysteries. You never know somebody out there might have an answer. Lesley:)
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    Ernest Peto

    Hi Thank for that hopefully somebody will know something at a loss as to what happened to him after the war. Thanks for the offer but have some photos of him and baptism records as they were in my nans things after she died. Just stumped as to what happened to him after war, have found all the...
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    Ernest Peto

    Hi all Trying to find what happened to Ernest Peto Born 1899 Fulham London. Mother Amelia fuller, Father Arthur Peto, Brothers Arthur & Alfred, sisters amelia & Hilda. Ernest was a POW in Poland but no sign of him dying there or during war and no sign of him after war. If anyone can help i would...