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    HERALDY Information

    Hey Max, this is pretty useful! I thought I would chime in and contribute two other heraldry sources that I found useful: 1, 2 -Maximus
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    Coats of Arms - Con!

    Sounds like good advice, guy. I'll keep that in mind!
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    Hello from Yorkshire

    Hi Graham, glad to have you on the forum! Good luck with your searches, I know how tough they can be!
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    Ancestry lost the plot?

    Yeah, my mistake. I use Family Tree Maker on the Mac platform, even though I use Ancestry.com for the searches. I meant to say that I personally find it easier to use a desktop solution to find and organize all the data. I'm having a brain before the weekend. :biggrin:
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    Ancestry lost the plot?

    *sigh* It's threads like this that make me thankful for desktop software to do the job instead.
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    Best Desk Top Tree software?

    I use MacKiev's Family Tree Maker. Here's the link: http://www.mackiev.com/ftm/
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    Coats of Arms - Con!

    Agreed with what everyone here has said - lots of scammers out there! And to think they don't even cite their sources, which takes all of two seconds. For shame... Somebody should sticky this on the top of the thread to wan others.
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    Coats of Arms - Con!

    Wow - somebody should make this a sticky on the top of the thread to warn other people! Really disappointed to see that these coats of arms places don't cite their sources. Takes all but 2 seconds to provide a title or a website link. At least you can see for yourself if the source is...
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    Can FH become a chore?

    It certainly can be if you view it that way. I think dealing with the frustrations of FH go away as you start to realize that everything will take time, especially in the absence of useful details.
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    Hello, I just registered and I'm looking to get started in finding my family. I might post something in the next day or two about my family tree.