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    Metropolitan Archives

    This any use?
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    Looking for Albert & Mary BURR

    Hi Jeff, I had a look on the 1911 census and it states that Albert and Mary were married at that time for 19 years. It lists that she had delivered 11 children and that 2 had died. George to Albert being born in Pendleton; Thomas, Horace and Walter in Sunbury, Middx. Address at the time Park...
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    We was brung up.

    And all the women who lived in homes near ours were 'auntie' but weren't actually relatives at all :)
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    1871 census look up please

    Have you any further info on the family, parents or siblings? I have found 2 George Clews, 1 in Market Drayton, Shropshire and another in Durham. However when I include variants on the surname to allow for mis-spelling I got 12 possibilities ~ spelt CLEUGH, CLOE, CLOSE, CLOWE or CLOWES, 4 of...
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    Burial Details.

    Maybe the wife was interred in the same grave as the husband....so you refer to the husbands record for more explicit details??
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    John Clement ELLISON

    Couldn't seem to find him on 1871 census but found him with ease on 1881 census. Listed as being at 10 Clarence Rd, Tottenham. Living with wife Martha Helena, (From Bath, Somerset), 3 children and one servant. Eldest daughter aged 5 (Clementine Helen Martha Ellison) place of birth listed as...
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    Sarah Harriett PALMER

    Need a bit more info Dave. Do you have any info for either of the parents ~ DOB, place of birth? Or any other siblings? There are a lot of Palmers
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    Twins or not if the volume & page number the same

    Thanks Dave, I hadn't had 3 moderated posts when I originally replied so couldn't have attached anything at that time..
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    Twins or not if the volume & page number the same

    Gotta love decisive nature of your post....now you can see my problem!! It is William Dilley and Jane Albon as the parents that I'm looking into.... thanks to your link I found christenings for 8 of their 10 children...2 Johns missing 1865 and 1876 :2fun:
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    Twins or not if the volume & page number the same

    Great link...hadn't come across that before. Thought I was going to have to hit Luton & Bedford Archives on my next trip home. I've been helped with a lot of the early 1900's as the cemetery in Stotfold is online and HALS has been great for searching marriages in Hertfordshire, (when family...
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    Rhodes - Burslem/Hanley, Staffordshire

    Hi there...found an Albert (not Alfred) Thomas Rhodes registered Oct-Dec 1850 in Stoke on Trent, which would most likely have been the closest registration district at the time thru free BMD - volume 17 page 178 Think I've found him for you... on 1871 census listed as being born in Hanley and...
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    Twins or not if the volume & page number the same

    Hi Steve, I'm not certain how to post an image from my stored pictures...so I'll type out instead:- Births Jun 1865 Name...................District.........Vol/Page DILLEY Hannah.......Biggleswade 3b 388 DILLEY Herbert.......Biggleswade 3b 374 DILLEY Jane...........Biggleswade 3b...
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    What is the best programme to use?

    I'm using myheritage.com currently. It is limited to 230 individuals for free but there is no limit to the amount of trees you can create. I have one for each part of the family (4) just direct line and then 3 others where I'm doing more in-depth. I like the fact that it is easy to add/change...
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    Twins or not if the volume & page number the same

    I am uncertain whether I keep coming across twins in my family tree or if it is purely coincidence. An example is Dilley, births Jun 1865, I have what I believe is two sets of twins registered - 3b 388 and 3b 375. Would my assumption be correct? There are two ways of checking for sure...
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    An introduction from a newbie

    Hi, I'm Amanda and I've lived in Ireland for 20 years now. I'm originally from Stotfold, Herts (was Beds tho for ages) and am actively researching both sides of my family tree. My maternal grandfather's side has been pretty handy since they didn't move much but the variation of spelling is a bit...