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    edwin stanley williams family

    Thanks Susan,Dave,Georgina and Karan. Thank you all for your quick response but sorry to say i have all those details already.Don't think he was adopted, just put in an orphanage. Can anybody else help. Thanks again Les Norman
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    edwin stanley williams family

    Hi everybody. I'm trying to find as much history about my father in laws family as possible. My father in law Edwin Stanley Williams was the eldest of three brothers. He was born in 1906 in liverpool,he and his younger brothers,Leslie andHarold,lived with their father and mother Edwin and Annie...
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    Hi everybody. My name is Les and i live in Wigan with my wife Barbara,our dog Bracken,our two cats Taz and Domino and a budgie called Pinky!(i know but it's a long story).My wife and i are both retired,my interests are rugby,football and family trees. I've just started my wifes family tree but...