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    New to this Please ,Need a little help

    Possible. My dad told me once when I was little that my grandfather was in the army, and was killed of all things by a horse that kicked him. My grandmothers name was Mary I know that and only met her once in 1955. Everything else looks right on this though . Thanks for the time and trouble of...
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    New to this Please ,Need a little help

    Ellie and Steve. cant thank you enough for this information. My dad always told me I was named after his older brother David, who must have been named after his father my grandfather David. Somehow I had forgotten that part. I only met my grandmother once when she came for a visit when I was 6...
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    New to this Please ,Need a little help

    welcome Hello. Im a bit new here. Last year I stumbled upon a post in this forum from Julisejtp a forum monitor. Julie had mentioned my father. I replied but never heard anything although I didnt ask for anything at the time. My interest is finding out about my Scotish relations. Ideally I...
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    Your right Julie :) there is always someone who knows something, This is my father !