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  1. patrickw

    Hello from a Lancashire Lass!

    hello, welcome to a lancashire lass from a lancashire lad. If I can be of any assistance here in the east of the county, just give me a shout. good luck with your research best wishes Pat xxx
  2. patrickw

    Disorder in the American Courts

    You couldnt make em up.... could you ???? I once had the 'honour' to sit on a crown court jury. We deleberated the verdict for about 5 hours and the judge must have been late for his golf, becouse he sent the usher in to say that he would accept a majority verdict. We obliged and voted 10/2 for...
  3. patrickw

    Abbreviated Army Name

    hi, Army Hospital & Medical Corps Good luck with your research best wishes Pat
  4. patrickw

    Your middle name

    hi all, think yourselves lucky, my dad said he couldnt afford to give me a middle name lol best wishes Pat, or if we are being formal.. Patrick
  5. patrickw

    Removed ?

    thanks to all for taking the trouble to reply. I must be really thick cos I still dont get it. Im off to check out Julies links, and what the heck is the kiss theory lol best wishes Pat
  6. patrickw

    Removed ?

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone can explain (simply please) what we mean when we say a, relation is for example, a 2nd cousin, twice removed. This is prob very obvious to the more experianced amongst us, but I do get confused with it. I thought it was a generation thing but now Im not sure. Help...
  7. patrickw

    Poems that have been passed down the generations

    Nice poem JMR that made me smile. I remember one from when I was very very young that has stuck for some reason ( or at least I think I do, I'm sure someone will help if Ive got it wrong lol) A group of young soldiers, one night sat in camp, of sweathearts they talked for a while. They all...
  8. patrickw

    cheque mi

    lol, very clever, and alas also very accurate . best wishes and good luck in your research ( and spelling) Pat
  9. patrickw

    Irish civil registration indexes now online!

    Hello Siobhan, thanks for sharing this, it may be just the tool that a lot of us have been waiting for good luck with your own research and best wishes, Pat xxxx
  10. patrickw

    What a gift.

    congratulations Steve, and congratulations to the site itself, for without the dedication of the Dave and the moderators, and all the people who subscribe and make it happen, you may still be 'in the dark' Good luck in your future research and have fun ploughing through this lol lol best wishes Pat
  11. patrickw


    hiya, I played the triangle at junior school, but got kicked out of the band for being out of tune lol best wishes Pat xxx
  12. patrickw

    Taking in Lodgers

    hi Mo, just a quickie on the gas mantle thing, I remember by grannie still having them as late as 1971 in a small terraced house in Burnley. ( I also remember destroying one or two in my clumsy fingers lol) best wishes Pat xxx
  13. patrickw


    They say that all the nice girls love a sailor Joyce but wow, did you take it to heart lol. , seriously though, im sure that your efforts are appreciated best wishes Pat xxx
  14. patrickw

    Ready For Blowing a Fuse!!!!!

    hello again Mo, I know you said you have tried the nat archives, but did you know that each unit in the british forces kept its own unit diary and that the archives keeps a copy of that diary. If you send for a copy, you may find that Michael is listed in it, or is shown as posted elsewhere...
  15. patrickw

    Hello to all!!!!

    Hello Pauline, just read your reply to Suzanne. Exactly the same thing happened to me, a series of heart attacks followed by five seperate operations, but like you, I have found a new interest in this family history project, and have really enjoyed visiting and participating in this site. Good...
  16. patrickw

    Looking for Info...........

    Hello Suzanne and welcome to the forum. The members here are really helpful and knowledgeable, so Im sure you will find someone here to help. Good luck in your research, best wishes Pat
  17. patrickw

    Ice Cream Parlour

    Then my work here is done Julie lol xxx
  18. patrickw

    Married the same woman twice, why?

    Hi again, I think all of the points raised on this thread have some validity, but on your thoughts about the officer being your relations friend, I still have reservations on the social aspect of this. I think it extremly unlikely that an enlisted man would be friends with anyone of the...
  19. patrickw


    Hello Torjai and welcome. This year I was reunited with 'long lost relatives' from Australia, mainly thanks to the great advice and assistance offered my members on here, so good luck in your search Best Wishes Pat
  20. patrickw

    West Derby Lancashire

    hello little Mo, Rainford Knutsford and West Derby were all, in bygone times, considered to be in lancashire. Now days, with boundry changes, Knutsford is in Cheshire, while Rainford ( near St helens) and West Derby ( now a Liverpool suberb) are both classed as Merseyside. Having said that...