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    Helpful info for Australian/NZ WWI records

    I recently solved a long standing mystery of a g-g-uncle who was last seen in 1917 in Australia, and was thought to have perished in the outback as he was a stockman. I googled his full name (just curious!) and got a hit. New Zealand has a Cenotaph database of military personnel - go to...
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    Significance of middle names

    Thanks Kerry. If I ever find out anything concrete, about this family's reasons why the boys had only one name each, I will post. It has certainly made me realise that I should keep records of how our generations were named, and why we chose our childrens' names. That should save my...
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    Significance of middle names

    Thanks all - gives me lots to consider. The single, meaningless names compared to multiple traditonal names for their siblings seemed to just stand out for these 2 ancestors, as if it signifies that there was not the same level of commitment to naming them, or that they are somehow different...
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    Significance of middle names

    Ok - this might be a strange one, but here goes... I was wondering if anyone is conversant with the allocation of middle names for Anglicans (Church)? What I mean is - some religions/denominations have informal traditions that mean at least one middle name is/was traditional. My mum once told...
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    New Australian member

    Thanks Ben, Steve and community - what a quick response! I was thinking that Lifeguard must refer to some sort of military service - possibly diplomatic corps??? I know he was in Versailles, and his wife was with him as 2 of their children were born there. They subsequently returned to London...
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    Australian Army Personnel Records

    Hi there, Try www.naa.gov.au/collection/explore/defence/index.aspx This has a good search facility "RecordSearch" on the left hand tool bar (bottom). Some records have copies of all papers including original enlistment, service records, medical records & medals etc. You can spend hours there -...
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    New Australian member

    Hi all, Just joined hoping to connect with fellow researchers. Some of my ancestors came to Australia from England in the mid 1800's as paying immigrants. One in particular has a bit of a secretive past, and was a family outcast. I have posted details on the Wanted Names under Bretherton. My...