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    cheers for that Julie. Have bit more idea now. lol
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    Mum or step mum?

    Hi, im having a bit of a time with my GG grandmother and evidently my G grandmother... GG Leticia Mobbs, father james (acording to lookup in grimsby)married Itchins in 1862... he dies...married Joseph Cunningham 34, in 1886 grimsby. Problem: she has children, all cunningham,..James...
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    Help me out!? I cant seem to work out what I need to do? Say post message to say hi? Iv been ill so not on line since I regestered. And it all looks soooooooooo complicated...
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    Hello again - Im Rosie. I joined up a while ago....and have been ill, hence only second look at this site! I have the man of the house sorting out how to work this site at the mo....so I'll call for help when he gets stuck....lol Thanks for replies...and tips! My Family is Price/Cunningham...