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    Good to see a Nottingham researcher......... as I join this site!

    Good to see a Nottingham researcher......... as I join this site!
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    I'm originally from Nottingham but have resided in Perth W Australia for 42 years. I do not consider myself an expert in family history, but have been researching for about 20 years. I started after all my "useful" (in terms of info) relatives had died! I am a retired Medical Scientist, and find...
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    Two Surnames

    Having looked at that census again he was a "visitor" (to a household where one of the daughters was a servant to his father. Inger was their surname and I thought he might be "interested" in this daughter, but cannot find a marriage). In the census there is NO recorded occupation for Thomas...
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    Two Surnames

    Hi Dave Thanks for your reply. I did see this Thomas and wife Charlotte in the census records and I guess the only way of finding out if this Thomas Twells is Thomas Warwick is to send for their marriage certificate to see his father's name. Do you agree with this strategy? Regards Tony
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    Two Surnames

    I'm looking for my great grandfather's first child out of wedlock. The parents were Thomas Warwick (1836-1913) and Mary Ann Twells (1834-1870) of Nottingham. They called their first child Thomas Frederick Warwick Twells on the birth register (17 Mar 1854 Nottingham). He appears in 1861 with...