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  1. kentfields

    Senior moment

    doh! - now removed by the user - but - - the older I get, the more I seem to have!
  2. kentfields

    Hammersmith Flyover

    I snapped these rare pics using the Hammersmith Flyover recently: - the Flyover is in a bad state of repair, but light traffic is allowed once again - I thought that this view by St Pauls Church was a unique one - here's a Google view showing how the road should look - with the Church...
  3. kentfields

    How did you amuse yourself as a child

    one of the silly things we did was to play on building sites - great fun - they were always open in my young days. Daftest thing we done was to 1st make a passage into a brick stack by removing bricks one by one then create a cave inside the pile, line it with straw and make a fire to keep warm...
  4. kentfields

    London Photos.

    great pics leefer - very candid and, as you say, show 'normal' life in London - well done! - do you carry a camera around with you all the time, I wonder?
  5. kentfields

    Church Postcards

    Here is a good resource for getting copies of old church postcard views: http://www.churchpostcardviews.co.uk
  6. kentfields

    INLAND TSUNAMI 72 people missing

    a Terrible Terrible event - I have just caught up with the news at news.com.au - prospects not improving yet sadly - I visited Brisbane several years ago and it's heartbreaking to see/hear what's happening over there - my thoughts and prayers go to all who are affected - God Bless -
  7. kentfields

    Marjorie Wolfenden

    Many, many thanks - very helpful information - I've started my family history now!
  8. kentfields

    Marjorie Wolfenden

    I would be interested to see a record from the 1911 census against this name please - Sussex is the county - she was born 1903 in the Brighton area - her mum was in service at the time - many thanks in advance Steve
  9. kentfields

    where do I start

    Thanks Ellie - very useful -
  10. kentfields


    - owzat then! - my favourite (old) London Borough - now part of Tower Hamlets of course -
  11. kentfields


    Yep! - that's done the trick now - thanks again Steve - will create a suitable image now - watch this space!!!
  12. kentfields

    where do I start

    I want to start looking at census returns from 100+ years ago but getting confused as to best way to start off - I've gone on to vs. on-line census sites and they want me to sign-up and subscribe to all sorts of databases/indexes that I'm not sure I need at all - is there some sort of guide, I...
  13. kentfields


    Thanks Steve - I tried that and all I'm able to add is what's available - I'd like to add my own if I can -
  14. kentfields


    - how can I add my own avatar to my profile please? -
  15. kentfields

    Hello from another newbie

    Hello Family History Folk - just thought I'd say a hello - finding my way round at the mo' and having a good read - hmm, just where do I start - Question1: which census(es) can you view for free, I wonder? -
  16. kentfields

    London Life , People at work in London c.1910

    Aren't they great! - these are from a very collectable Picture Postcard series on London Life published by Rotary - there are 90+ in the series!