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    lookup please

    hi,can some one lookup a marriage for me please.the name is tom thickett anne marlow.toms perents were joseph ,mirinda thickett.tom born 1893 gleadless,handsworth.thank you best regards john:)
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    need help

    hello everyone .i may have posted on wrong forum,sorry if i have.can someone help me with either a marriage or death lookup please.the person is john stafford thickett,he was baptised 12,12,1912 at st.marys beighton.his parents were joseph and mirinda thickett. i understand if it not possible,i...
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    birth lookup

    hi everyone.need help with birth date of edward[ted]mantle he married vera thickett 1933 in chesterfield.any help very much appreciated.regards john:)
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    another marriage lookup

    hi, back again i'm afraid could someone check a wedding date for me please.marriage of thomas thickett,lucy cooker or cocker,at st,james parish church norton 1831.very grateful your time and help.kindest regards john:)
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    hi everyone.need help again.marriage lookup for martha hardwick and john thickett,martha born 1860,john 1858.probrably sheffield area.any help would be gratefully received.regards john:)
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    marriage look up

    hi can someone help with a marriage lookup for me please.alice thickett,and john thomas hagin,1934.probably chesterfield not sure.any information would be greatfully received.regards john:)
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    mirandas parents

    hi everyone,can i ask your for a look up i am try to find miranda thickett{nee}staffords parents if it is possible.she was born 1887,i think gleadless area sheffield.i think her fathers name was peter stafford not sure.its a bit vague i know,no more info sorry.i know if any one canfind them...
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    did she marry?

    could some one help with a marriage check if possible.my g,g,g,grandmother elizabeth thickett born commonside,gleadless 1837.she gave birth to a son john,at hagghouse now called hollinsend road,1857 my g,grandad,but for some reason she did,nt marry the father.would it be possible to check if she...
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    death date hagin

    hi to everyone.can i ask your help if possible,for a death date lookup.the name is frederick benjamin hagen,hagin born chesterfield 1882,1883.he married mary ann mitchell 1910 chesterfield. he lived in killamarsh, i think the period would possibly be 50,s 60,s.i know its very vague, and i will...
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    dads family

    hello to everyone.can i ask for your help with a lookup please.i,am looking for info on frederick benjamin hagen,hagin.born chesterfield 1882,1883, i know he married mary ann mitchell abt 1910,chesterfieldhe would have been my grandfather.sadly i can,t remember him,i thought it nice to find out...
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    hagin lookup

    hello everyone.would it be possible for someone do a lookup for me please.the name is margaret hagin born in killamarsh derbyshire .fathers name john thomas hagin ,mothers maiden name alice thickett.i would be most gratefull for any help...regards john:)
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    thickett lookup please

    hi everyone, i need help with a lookup.looking for any info on elizabeth thickett ,born 1837 gleadless,sheffield fathers name john thickett,mothers name was mary marples.any help will be appreciated.regards john:) :)
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    john stafford thickett

    hi everyone,could someone help with a look up please.i would like info on john stafford thickett,baptised 12,12,1912 st mary,s church beighton nr sheffield,his fathers name joseph thickett,miner 1884.merinda stafford,1887.18 queens road beighton.any information would be gratefully...
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    the name bausor

    can anyone help;what are the origins of the name bausor,it was the maiden name of my wife.i would be very interested to know.thank you ,regards john:)
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    death date joseph thickett

    hello everyone; can i ask for your help.i am looking for death date,for joseph thickett ,merinda stafford.they were married 1908 in the handsworth,gleadless area of sheffield.joseph was born 1884 ,merinda 1887.also elizabeth thickett born commonside,gleadless 1837.any information would be...
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    hello brian, can i take you up on your very kind offer .could you do a check for john thomas hagin ,born 1914 march 9th in chesterfield i think.thanks again regards john
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    hi everyone. can i ask your help with a birthdate ,the name patricia mary hagin.i think she was born in killamarsh,derbyshire then.now i think its in yorkshire.mothers name alice hagin[thickett].father john thomas hagin.any help would be gratefully received....regards john
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    can anyone help.trying to get information on the marriage of my g,g,g,g,grandfather john thickett,or thicket.i think he was born 1797,1800.in troway derbyshire.i think? his wifes name was mary marples.any help would be gratefully received ..regards john
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    can anyone help find info about john thickett or thicket abt 1797-1800;in the troway area derbyshire.the reason iam asking for help i found a folder in an old case of my mums .her maiden name was thickett ,so i am presuming that this my g g g g grandad their was,nt any other info there i can,t...
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    hi every one.sorry it has taken me so long to say hello. been a little under the weather.ok now will be asking for your help soon.bye for now