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  1. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    I have an ancestor, Joseph Seager, baptising sons in Kingswinford, Staffs in the early 1700s. According to the baptisms his wife is called Jane. After his death Probate was granted to his widow Jane and in Jane's Will she mentions her sons whose names fit with the baptisms. The problem arose...
  2. emeltee

    Jane Noble 1871 Liverpool

    I have a Jane Noble, born Jane Nicholson 1835 in Liverpool. In 1853 she married James Noble, a Joiner. I can find them together in most Censuses but in 1871 James is married but on his own with their children. There is an entry for a Jane Noble being held at the Main Bridewell, Dale Street...
  3. emeltee


    Findmypast is free this weekend
  4. emeltee

    Parents have a lot to answer for

    Whilst rooting through the baptisms for St Bees in Cumberland I came across this entry in 1735 Harmless Sufferer and Innocent Troubles son of Isaac Richardson I wonder what they called him for short! Emeltee
  5. emeltee

    Baptisms St Helens, lancashire

    I'm hoping that a kind soul could do a few look ups for me on a site I don't subscribe to. I can find the baptisms on fmp but not the images, and I'd be grateful if someone could look at the images and tell me the abode, occupation of father and also name of mother if given The baptisms...
  6. emeltee

    Ancestry free

    In case anyone isn't aware, Ancestry is free this weekend
  7. emeltee

    St Bees, Cumberland.

    Anyone out there with a knowledge of St Bees and it's environs. I have several ancestors from the area who, according to the parish registers, were from Scratgate, Harrithwaite and Upper Coulderton. I am having great difficuty pinning theses small hamlets down on a map. Can anyone help? Thanks...
  8. emeltee

    Notre Dame

    If we have any French members out there, I just want to say how sorry I am to hear about the devastating fire at Notre Dame. Such a beautiful building. I hope something can be done. Emeltee
  9. emeltee

    Richard B? 1765 St Helens, Lancashire

    familysearch has a death in St Helens, Lancashire for a Richard B? 9 April 1765. Father's name is given as Rackell B? I don't suppose anyone has access to the PR's or images of them, who can give me a clue as to what is actually written there. I'm looking for the death of a Richard...
  10. emeltee

    Charles Hoult/Ellen Frith Manchester 1679

    Charles Hoult married Ellen Frith at Manchester Cathedral on 13 July 1679. Could someone please have a look on Anc for me and see if the entry gives any other info apart from names and date. Many thanks Emeltee
  11. emeltee


    How do I send a PM to someone. I can't seem to find any way of doing it, anymore. Emeltee
  12. emeltee

    Job Bach

    Job Bach born 24 October 1832, bapt. 18 November 1832 New Chapel, Baldwin Street, St Helens, Lancs, parents Aaron Bach, Glassmaker, and Ann. Job Bache buried 5 January 1836 aged 3 at St Mary (now St Helen) St Helens, Lancs (no parents names given but I'm guessing Aaron and Ann) Job Bach born...
  13. emeltee

    Benjamin Smith/Margaret Edmundson Liverpool 1850

    Looking for details of the marriage of Benjamin Smith to Margaret Edmundson on 5 May 1850 at Our Lady and St Nicholas church, Liverpool, in particular names of fathers and witnesses. Thanks, Emeltee
  14. emeltee

    Charles Smith/Elizabeth Webster Knaresborough.

    Can anyone find a marriage in Knaresborough, Yorks between a Charles Smith and an Elizabeth Webster? Their first child Charles was baptised Knaresborough in 1839. I cannot find anything on FreeBMD so I have a feeling that the marriage was possibly in 1837 before Civil Registration started...
  15. emeltee

    Robert Goulbourn and Elizabeth

    Ellin Goulbourn was baptised in Aughton, Lancashire 24 Jan 1719/20, father Robert. 3 February Robert Goulbourn was buried in Aughton 8 February Ellin, daughter of Elizabeth Goulburn was buried, also in Aughton. I am looking for a marriage between Robert Goulbourn and Elizabeth sometime before...
  16. emeltee

    It pays to check the PRs

    I came across an anomaly the other day looking for a marriage in Durham of a Thomas Rontree. Durham Records on Line had him marrying an Elizabeth Welford 1659 in Bishopton. However when I cross-checked it on other sources eg FreeReg, fmp which has the Northumberland and Durham FHS marriages, and...
  17. emeltee

    James and Alice Woods

    I'm looking for the deaths of James Woods and his wife Alice in Lancashire. They married in Prescot in 1793 and although their first four children were baptised there, giving a residence of Sutton, the rest of the family were baptised at the New Chapel, Baldwin Street, St Helens. I am therefore...
  18. emeltee

    Peter Robinson/Mary Grimshaw

    Would anyone be so kind as to have a look on Anc for me. There is a marriage 2 November 1736 in Standish, Lancashire, between Peter Robinson and Mary Grimshaw. Does it give any other information other than names and date? Many thanks, Emeltee
  19. emeltee

    Barbara Gold

    In 1719 Barbara Gold married John Harrison in Grindon Staffordshire. According to the details on the marriage Licence he was 50 and she was 30 and from the Parish of Austenfield. I'm guessing the parish is Alstonefield. The age gives a birth year of 1689 but there is not a baptism in...
  20. emeltee

    Thomas Davies and Hannah

    I have a Martha Davies in my tree baptised in Liverpool 1781 father Thomas, a Mariner. There are two possible siblings baptised Liverpoll 1783 - Thomas and Catherine parents Thomas, a Mariner, and Hannah. All three children were baptised at St Thomas Church. There are other baptisms at different...