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  1. gwenythgreen

    My paternal grandmother Ann Bustin ne Neale born 12 October 1879 in Cumnor died June 1914 in Binsey Oxford is I believe buried in Headington Cemetery

    A older sibling of my father told his children he remembered Ann's coffin being taken to Headington to be buried which has confused me.
  2. gwenythgreen

    My paternal grandmother Ann Bustin ne Neale born 12 October 1879 in Cumnor died June 1914 in Binsey Oxford is I believe buried in Headington Cemetery

    My paternal grandmother Ann Bustin ne Neale born 12 October 1879 in Cumnor died June 1914 in Binsey Oxford is I believe buried in Headington Cemetery, How do I confirm this and if possible find the location of her grave? I do no think there was a headstone because of the families finances at...
  3. gwenythgreen

    What's your Hobby or Hobbies, besides Family History.?

    My other hobbies are showing my Shetland sheepdogs and machine embroidery.
  4. gwenythgreen

    Registration District for Ford End in essex

    I have my tree on ancestry if you would like a look pm me you never know? Her father was James Stock b 1797 Finchingfield
  5. gwenythgreen

    Registration District for Ford End in essex

    I suspect we could be related I have Mary Anne Stock born 1827 in Great Waltham which is about 3 miles from Ford End, she married George Burr in 1844
  6. gwenythgreen

    Manslaughter charge

    Thank you gibbo for all your help with this, :-)
  7. gwenythgreen

    Manslaughter charge

    I have had a hint from Ancestry that one of my ancestors William Hastings born 15 February 1818 in Wytham, Berkshire (UK) stood trial accused of manslaughter on 23 February 1839, he was acquitted but any idea where I could more details about how the trial came to be and the supposed crime please.
  8. gwenythgreen

    FHL films?

    Thank you Steve, I think that William E Green is from another family, My one was born in 1875 in Eyton, I have his father working on his uncles farm in Eyton in the 1881 census, Unfortunately Green is a common surname which is leading me on numerous blind alleys.
  9. gwenythgreen

    FHL films?

    It Should be in Ruabon, Near Wrexham, I am getting very disheartened now as Ancestry are sending so many of these hints where the image is not available so not able to see when or where the event took place, as far as I have worked out the Green family were originally from Kineton Warwickshire...
  10. gwenythgreen

    FHL films?

    No Image Text-only collection Add Alternative Information Report issue...
  11. gwenythgreen

    FHL films?

    I have my tree on ANCESTRY but am a little confused as when I get the hints leaf I am often told there is no image available but am given a FHL Film number so is there a way to look at these 'on line' please, I like to look and study the hint before adding it to my tree.
  12. gwenythgreen

    Ann Juffs 1793 1847 Cumnor Berkshire

    Can you help please, Trying to trace this lady's birth, She married William Neale on the 17 May 1819 but unfortunately a......try do not show the image so no help tracing Ann Juffs parents. Thank you
  13. gwenythgreen

    School Records and Electoral for my Father

    Hello, I am trying to find School records for my father Herbert Thomas Bustin (1913 - 1990) He went to Wytham village school near Oxford, I have found that there is a punishment book for the pupils of the school from 1910 onwards but it is in the possession of the Oxford Diocese, does anyone...
  14. gwenythgreen

    Brynkinalt Military Hospital 1915 - 1919

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/WrexhamHistory/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1706293316083615 This is a link to a photo album of the Brynkinalt Military Hospital, This is a military hospital near Chirk, Wrexham North Wales, May be useful to those who are interested in WW1 memorabilia?
  15. gwenythgreen

    Electoral register

    Besides Ancestry is there anywhere else I can look for Electoral registers between 1930 to at least 1960 please as they only have two records for my father Herbert Thomas Bustin born Wytham, Berks 1913, I need to check on the members of his household and whether they had a lodger during that...
  16. gwenythgreen

    Recod of leave, in 1950's

    I am trying to solve a puzzle and need to know the leave of a relative in 1956, approximately March April of that year, how frequently would his leave have been, he was stationed in Essex at that time. Thank you
  17. gwenythgreen

    1939 registration

    I am trying to sort out a few things connected with my family during the 1939 registration and wonder why a person connected with my father is described as an inmate of the Battle Hospital, Reading, I know her occupation was Domestic Servant and she gave birth to an illegitimate child in the...
  18. gwenythgreen

    Reserved Occupation?

    My father Herbert Thomas Bustin (1913- 1990) was working as a porter at Pinewood Hospital, Finchamstead, Wokingham according to the National Registration of 1939 I think he then left to work as an agricultural worker on a market garden in Sussex. He claimed he was excused from joining up or home...
  19. gwenythgreen

    Oxford Parish Records cica 1920

    Hi Looking for parish record for step uncle William H Bustin Mother Edith Cox Father Frederick James Bustin, need to clarify his birth date given in GRO as 1922 but his death date is given as 1921, Registration is Abingdon I know they lived in Wytham in about 1915 approx., Fred was a ag labourer...
  20. gwenythgreen

    Ancestry Hints ?

    Any one else have Ancestry hint on certain relatives then when you click the leaf the hint is not available, this is what I get on Sarah Chapman 1770 in Essex wife of John White Essex b1787 and Also Mary Mason b1806( Possibly Clare Suffolk or Essex wife of John White Thorogood b1811 Bardfield...