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    Family tree

    On our tree it says richard ii minshell 1290 what dose the ii mean i thought it would mean richard ii but the date is wrong if it is can anyone help please thanks kaz
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    queens park school

    i went to bourding school when i was younger and i am interested in findind out the history of the bilding i know it was a girls school in the 70's but not sure before that one bilding was called rhiannaa and the other queenscroft not sure what the main school bilding was called the address is...
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    hi can anyone give me info on why children were amited to the lunatic asylum i have try looking it up but can not find a good web thanks karen :)
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    can anyone give me some info on asylams. what people went there for what treatment they were given and what illnesses did they have thanks karen;) O0
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    childrens home 1700 1800

    can anyone give me some info on what happend to children that did not have parants years ago 1700-1800 were there childrens homes back then? thanks karen
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    unmarryed pregnaces in Ireland

    i would like to know what happened to Catholic girl that got pregnent out of wed lock years ago:)
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    work houses

    dose anyone know if an ansester of there worked in a work house :cool:
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    hi im new

    hi i am very interested in lerning more about work houses illnesses and how people lived years ago
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    work houses and illnesses

    i am very interested in work houses illnesses and how pepole and children lived years ago can anyone give me soom info please