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  1. emeltee

    What's your Hobby or Hobbies, besides Family History.?

    My other hobby, after family history, is counted cross stitch embroidery. I like to design my own pictures but do admit to cheating as I have a computer programm into which I can scan photos and the programme turns them into embroidery charts. Not every photo is good enough - much depends on the...
  2. emeltee

    PM or conversations

    Conversations is the new PM, just as Like is the new Thanks.
  3. emeltee

    Edward TIVEY

    Can't see Edward in the Census but this looks like Sally's death Sarah Tivey Mar 1841 Shardlow 19 443 aged 64
  4. emeltee

    William & John SHEDDON/SHEDDEN

    Cannot see anything for William but this is a possible for John 1901 Bank House, Whitrhill Street, Liberton, Newcraighall Andrew Buchan and daughters John Sheddon 60 married Coalminer Inveresk, Midlothian Both Andrew Buchan and John are down as Head of Household so not sure if there hasn't...
  5. emeltee

    Henry COOPER

    What about this 1871 Mint, 7, Tron Edinburgh, Canongate Henry Cooper unmarried 26 Boarder Shoemaker England Alfred Cooper unmarried 24 Boarder Shoemaker England 1861 84 High Street, Oxford Francis T Cooper 49 Tea Dealer Hurstbourne Tarrant Hampshire plus family Henry Cooper brother married...
  6. emeltee

    The joys of Parish Records

    It is always possible that whoever wrote the name down got it wrong!
  7. emeltee

    Ann McGHEE

    1851 57 High Street, Paisley James McGee 50 Agnes McGee 50 Thomas McGee 20 Robert McGee 15 William McGee 10 James McGee 10 Anna McGee 9 William Moore 9 All born Ireland
  8. emeltee

    George HAIN & Emma LAWRENCE

    The Dec 1849 birth fits better than the Sep 1850 one seeing as Mary Jane is down as being 1 year old in April 1850 when the Census was taken. Forget I ever mentioned it!
  9. emeltee

    George HAIN & Emma LAWRENCE

    The daughter Mary Jane looks as though she may have mmn Burt Mary Jane Hain Sep 1850 Yeovil 10 553 mmn Burt
  10. emeltee

    George HAIN & Emma LAWRENCE

    Baptisms George Hain 19 April 1829 Norton sub Hambdon parents James (Labourer) and Mary Emma Lawrence 29 August 1830 Norton sub Hambdon parents Isaac (Trunkmaker) and Sarah
  11. emeltee

    George HAIN & Emma LAWRENCE

    Somerset Marriage Index has the marriage on 14 February 1849. George hain was a Glover of Norton sub Hambdon. His father was James Hain, Labourer. Emma was also from Norton sub Hambdon and her father was Isaac Lawrence, Trunkmaker. Witnesses were William Hain and James Tarish Benson.
  12. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    A bit likr Census Enumerators - I'm sure poor handwriting was a qualification for getting the job. Thankfully a few literate ones slipped through the net.
  13. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    I wholeheartedly agree, Steve. We are lucky that so much has survived the ravages of time etc and my grateful thanks go to all the people who have worked hard to get so much on line for us. However it ain't half frustrating when, no matter how hard you try, certain ancestors just cannot be found.
  14. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    The ancestors certainly don't make it easy for us to find them.
  15. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    Thanks Steve. I'd found the first two baptisms with fathers Enoch and John but neither are correct as her parents were definitely William and Beatrice. They made a joint Will in which they mention their daughter Jane Seager.
  16. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    I don't think she was baptised with all three names. They only ever seem to have the one name in the 1690s. She was born in Dudley (I think) c1694, parents William and Beatrice Rollinson but I haven't found a baptism using any one of the three names.
  17. emeltee

    It's no wonder we can't find ancestors

    I have an ancestor, Joseph Seager, baptising sons in Kingswinford, Staffs in the early 1700s. According to the baptisms his wife is called Jane. After his death Probate was granted to his widow Jane and in Jane's Will she mentions her sons whose names fit with the baptisms. The problem arose...
  18. emeltee

    Devil and deep blue sea!

    Could it possibly have been a nonconformist marriage or in a Registry Office (if they did them there back then), which is why it's not showing up in the PRs .
  19. emeltee

    Devil and deep blue sea!

    Don't quite understand what you mean. In the 1881 marriage John Stock, father Benjamin Stock, is marrying Jane Rawlings, father John Rawlings.
  20. emeltee

    Elizabeth Harris

    The Wilts FHS Baptism Index has both the Elizabeth Harris baptisms down as taking place in Bradford on Avon and both baptisms give the parents as Thomas and Catherine. Not sure where they get the Catherine from. The entry just says Parish Baptisms so not sure if that is the PR entry or the...