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    Thank you all

    I just go the best giggle for my birthday from this site. Thank you all.:kissu: I have missed you all and hope to get back to the site soon. Life has just been super busy since getting back from a terrific stay in the UK last fall. Actually found a grave that may be related. Maybe maybe not but...
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    In the UK!!

    Hey All, We are fast running out of days on our jaunt here in the UK. Thanks to some of you who were so helpful in tracing my mother's family back to Cirencester I had the most substantial breakthrough ever. We had only a couple of hours to stop off and so headed straight for the parish church...
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    plague village

    This one is mainly for you DW I think. I just finished listening to an audiobook based on the true story of a plague village in the Peaks. They named it at the end but as I was listening and not reading I can only guess at the spelling. Any ideas?
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    So excited!

    I have got to stop reading all the new posts (talk about addiction) and get on with my day BUT I just had to tell someone...I talked with my Mussett cousin who I will be seeing in just a few weeks in the UK. To make a long story short she has scads of info on the Mussetts thanks to a distant...
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    Where to go next...

    I finally pulled out paper and pen (so much for doing it all on computer) and really searched the info on the Kimbers you all gave me. I am stuck on where to find baptismal records for Cirencester. What I have is the Railway Village church records (extremely helpful by the way) but from what I...
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    re Kimbers I am so excited!

    Lee, I finally did a more thorough check of the baptismal records you posted against the long list of Kimbers sent to me by Steve. I just realised that I was looking at a whole family that I am directly decended from. I am so excited. Thank you all of you so much. I could never have found all...
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    organizing notes

    Hi All, I am realising that these piles of bits of note paper could be better organized on the computer somehow if for no other reason than to have everything in the same room and transportable with laptop. I am up for any and all advice on how to best go about this. There are so many software...
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    Mc/MacDonald London

    I know, McDonald is like Smith but here goes as I am getting nowhere. My Great Grandfather was Henry Mc/MacDonald living on I Steet when my grandmother Mary married John Kimber. I know he was Roman Catholic as he is buried in the RC part of Kensal Green. All suggestions of where to go next is...
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    Christening/baptism records London

    I have a chance to go to London in person. Where is the best place to go to look for baptism/christening records. Going through old maps I think I figured out which could be the church my mother used to talk about. I even contacted the present rector and confirmed what I feared. It was bombed to...
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    Cheers for all of you here

    I just want to say that I am finding this site seriously addicting. I want to say thank you to all of you who have sent me information on family I am looking for but also for all the fantastic information I am picking up by just browsing. (I'm stilll not good a replies.) My mother used to talk...
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    Looking for any information on Mary and John Kimber and any of their children, John, William, James, Elizabeth ... Ellen was my mother so Parish info there only. They lived on Southam Street, Kensington which has since been demolished. I know my Aunt Elizabeth who married John Martin had one...
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    Re: Introduction

    Re: Introduction Okay here goes. I am always a bit leary of putting personal stuff out there on the web but as I already had a hit on info thanks to Dave I guess this is a the sort of site I have been looking for. So I am a housewife, mother of two grown children, a son and daughter. One is...
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    Hello there

    My first time on a site like this. I started this hunt because I knew none of my mother's family and felt that someone should be told that she passed on. Now it has become a hunt for where they all went. Also some of my birth father's nieces found me, I didn't even know that 4 of them existed...