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    Wall/Antcliffe in Sheffield uk

    Thanks Julie. I will give that a try too. :) Will let you know if I get lucky. At this stage I will try anything legal !:biggrin: Genny
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    Thanks!!! I dont know a lot as yet. I am waiting for a marriage cert that hopefully will tell me where in Ireland this Gt gt grandmother (Sarah Hughes) was from and some info on her parents so I have more of a lead. As it stands, on the census's she just put 'Ireland' as place of birth. She...
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    Hello! My name is Genevieve. I am a new member of FHUK forums. This is the first time I have done the 'forum' thing, and am just finding my way around. I am originally from Cheltenham, but now live in Sheffield with my Yorkshire husband. I have 2 adult kids age 22 and 25. I have been...
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    Wall/Antcliffe in Sheffield uk

    Thanks for your reply juliej. I have already tried all those things and got no where.:'( The local reg office returned my money after an unsuccessful search of a few years either side of my dates, which was something I suppose, but an old aunt insisted that her grandparents DID marry. I guess...
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    I have just discovered some Irish ancesters in my tree, who it seems, come over to England during the years of the Irish potato famine. Is anyone able to tell me how I can find immigration details and any Irish records? I know a lot of Irish family records were destroyed by fire but I am...
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    Wall/Antcliffe in Sheffield uk

    Does anyone out there have any info about WILLIAM HENRY WALL (c1860) who married Rose Antcliffe (c1873) somewhere around 1890. I have found them on the censuses but can I heck as like find a marriage date/place for them! :( If no one has any info, tips on where to look next for a marriage would...