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  1. LeasGene1

    FYFE, William & Mary

    I have located the ship they came to Australia on - the ELizabeth - left London 10.2.1853, arrived Melbourne 21.?.1853. They had 6 children I can locate - James 1854-1855, Mary Isabell 1856-1947 [m. 1876 - Joseph Hunter], John 1858-1858, William 1859-1937 [m. 1889 - Mary Ann Owen], Jamison...
  2. LeasGene1

    FYFE, William & Mary

    Thank you everyone for the assistance. I appreciate all the responses. Happy start to 2021 genealogy research
  3. LeasGene1

    FYFE, William & Mary

    I am looking for information on William FYFE, born c. 1825 in Scotland, married 29 Nov 1852 in Luncarty, Redgorton, Perthshire, Scotland. WIfe was Mary FYFE [nee DAVIDSON], born c. 1827 in Scotland. Emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1853 on board the Elizabeth. I would like to confirm their...
  4. LeasGene1

    Hello from Western Australia - I am new to this forum.....

    Doesn't help when the son, father, grand-father and great grandfather all share the same name and no one in the family knows any places of events to give you a helping hand.
  5. LeasGene1

    Hello from Western Australia - I am new to this forum.....

    Thank you - I have tried Scotlands People but, there are too many Neil McKellars to narrow down my search, I will keep persevering who knows I may get lucky ..
  6. LeasGene1

    Neil McKellar - Scotland to Australia

    Good morning all, I am trying to locate the immigration details of Neil McKellar born in Scotland in 1783 [abt], I know he died in Victoria, Australia in 1862. I am interested in finding out on which ship he travelled to Australia on and in what year, was he alone or did family travel with...
  7. LeasGene1

    Hello from Western Australia - I am new to this forum.....

    I have been researching the family tree for nearly 40 years. Only recently I have had the frustrating privelege to begin searching for Scottish ancestry & some Irish ancestry. I had no idea how confusing it could be, and I know I will need help and guidance with this side of the family tree.