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  1. J

    Aussie heatwave

    How would minus 37 degrees C suit you? And they played a professional ice-hockey game, outdoors, in similar temps a few days ago. Maybe we could do a deal - some heat for some ice! JanJones Winnipeg, Canada
  2. J

    PHEBE (Burgin) but what's her Maiden Name

    Fellow Forumites, I think I have Phoebe/Phebe. The search was long and hard and involved just about every Search site out there! Briefly, I believe she was Phoebe ROUW. When I came across that name, it seemed to make the name on the Birth Certificate clearer - however, there is another...
  3. J

    Burgin Family

    To Nanaki: I have spent some time comparing Birth and Death records for the Basford area, as the James and Hannah Burgin family, despite some moves, stayed in the Basford Registration District. I am not claiming complete accuracy but the following may help. I gave poor Hannah from 1868 to 1898...
  4. J

    PHEBE (Burgin) but what's her Maiden Name

    WOW! You people are prompt with your research and help. I have applied for another certificate, in hopes of getting a name I can read! MEANWHILE, I have a thread of my very own running here: It appears that Phoebe/Phebe was surnamed ROUW (father's name Theophilus Rouw) (there were several in...
  5. J

    PHEBE (Burgin) but what's her Maiden Name

    I have a Phebe married to George Burgin in the area of St Pancras (Somers Town) probably around 1852 but cannot find the marriage! So we don't have her surname. A daughter (also Phebe) was born 09 May 1853 and Baptized 10 May 1853 at Bloomsbury St George (London). Her Baptism was when she was...