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    William James Garlinge, Military Medal

    This is the entry for him in the London Gazette (very last line on the bottom right) http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/29953/supplements/1759
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    Help with Regiment/Unit

    Sorry Dave I should have put my reasoning behind the 3yrs etc when I first posted. In the group photograph he is shown wearing a single chevron on his left sleeve, just above the cuff area, whilst in the other he has two of these chevrons. These were awarded to a soldier who, for a period of...
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    Help with Regiment/Unit

    For what it is worth the group photograph is the earlier of the two as it shows that he had served for three years in his regiment (what ever one it was) prior to the photograph being taken, whilst the one where he is on his own shows that he had served at least six years with his regiment with...
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    ww2 badges

    The collar dogs that are shown are for those of the Royal Army Medical Corps, the two brothers may have been together at the same place when Edward was killed but not in the same regiment.
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    John Cousins

    On the MIC's at the TNA site there are two John Cousin's both with the middle initial of W. who were serving in the Army Service Corps (one a Private the other a Driver). There is also a John H. Cousins who is noted as being a Driver in the R.A.S.C. Checking on the surname Cozens there are three...
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    burma star veteran

    Unfortunately to get the information that you require means that you have to apply for his full service records which, although exasperating, can take anything from three months to six months to be sent to you from the MOD/Records Office. However an air of caution should be added to this as I...
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    burma star veteran

    Just to say that the Burma Star would refer to the medal or the association of that name rather than a regiment. The Burma Star (medal) was issued to those that had seen service in the Burma Campaign from 11th December 1941, this included service in Bengal or Assam from 1st May 1942 to 31st...
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    Please identify uniform.

    Joe, the cap badge is that of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, the "crown" on top is the coronet of Princess Victoria. don.
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    Can you help identify the era of this clothing?

    Hi Marilyn, Neck stands, also known as a neck brace or head brace, were used by early photographers to keep their subjects still during the length of time for the exposure to take place (in some cases early exposure time could take up to twenty minutes). The stand would consist of an adjustable...
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    Sash significance?

    Two things jump out to me from what you have already said about George Henry, these being that he lived in Rotherhithe and that he was from a line of waterman. This immediately set me thinking that he was a member of one of the dock workers/watermen union's. One of my great grandfathers was a...
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    Can you help identify the era of this clothing?

    Just to add to the comments with regards to the date period of this image. It would have been taken no later than 1871/2 as the style of dress with the low stitching to the shoulder area to form epaulettes went out of fashion at this time on womens clothing. Also the photographer has used a neck...
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    Army uniform to identify

    Looks like he was a signaler in the Royal Engineers going by the brassard and cap badge. don.
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    Family Group - Date unknown

    Hi James, Thanks for the dates as they do help. As a general rule females would wear their hair down as the girl on the left does until they had reached 19/20 and then they started to wear it up as the young woman does on the right. So with this in mind I would hazard a guess and say that Janet...
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    Family Group - Date unknown

    Hi James, Going by the three women at the back of the grouping I would suggest a date line of somewhere between 1897 and 1910. The hair style that two of them have is known as a Loose Pompadour and was in fashion between 1897 and up until the first world war. The wearing of a high neckline to...
  15. D


    Hi thought that I would pop in and introduce myself so to speak. I have been researching my family history now for close on thirty years (off and on that is) and having started when it was on the hoof going from libraries,to county records centres, and the odd cemetery or two and having to wait...
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    Hi Amanda, My understanding is that a pressman could be one of the following, The operator of a printing press A newspaperman An operator of a press (other than printing) Someone who fitted (or fits) tyres to vehicles Someone who rolls on ink and takes an impression from the type...i.e. a...