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    richard james price 1907

    HI ,please could i have a look up on Richard james Price born oct 1907 and living in the Ross on Wye area,would like to know possible parents and any brothers or sisters,,parents occupation etc on the 1911 census ...
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    what regiment ??

    Thanks for the info had a look and think it will be too expensive at the moment, what with having to buy the death certificate and pay for additional searches for regiment etc,will have to think of a plan b:confused:
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    what regiment ??

    Thank you for the replies,i to came across those photos when doing a web search and have ruled them out..i can get death certifacate and permission from next of kin (my mother)but regiment and number,,no idea ,will have a look at forms and see what options they give and costs...
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    what regiment ??

    H i ,i want to order my grandfathers war records (world war 2).His name was Albert Clarence Creed who was born 1920 in Lydbrook the forest of dean Gloucestershire and died in 1973..I have been told he served in Africa and was also at Dunkirk..but have no idea what regiment or anything else,and...
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    Did she marry ??

    Hi ,,another problem i need to try and solve ,,Rose ethel Willams born 1905 Ross on wye gave birth to 2 daughters registerd in Ross 1927 and 1929.I know for sure she married in 1941 to a Richard James price,,until death in 1955..I have searched for a marriage around those years but could not...
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    william stephens 1852/1930

    Thanks for the replies Dave,,William stayed with the family and took the name of WILLIAMS as well,,think this is going to be one mystery that will go unsolved,, Their son Thomas born 1873 married and had 6 siblings one of which Rose ethel Williams born 1905 was my great grand mother
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    william stephens 1852/1930

    HI Dave ,just had a look at the marriage register and she is listed as Jane WILLIAMS,,,fathers name Thomas WILLIAMS,it also says she was a spinster,,, Checking back at the siblings 5 were born before she married registerd as WILLIAMS,,and the other 5 were registerd as STEPHENS,,Then from feb...
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    missing links

    HI everyone,my ancestors have a few missing gaps and skeletons hope you all may be able to point me in the right direction to solve the missing links... Only just found this site and am very immpressed by the layout,,top marks,,will reccomend to many others i know tracing their family tree to...
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    william stephens 1852/1930

    Hi ,No ,the marriage is the same, the children are all baptised as STEPHENS,but marry under the name of WILLIAMS...ON booth parents burial records it states WILLIAMS,but also says may also be known as STEPHENS...This is also recorded on some of the male children on their burial records (may also...
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    william stephens 1852/1930

    Hi ive found this site through a search engine and are hoping someone may be able to help ...In my family tree i have a William Stephens born 1852 in HEREFORDSHIRE on 15 feb 1881 he married a Jane WILLIAMS born 1850 in Ross on wye and shows up in the 1881 census as a STEPHENS...In the 1891...