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    Edward and Eliza Ann Webb Children

    mm thanks, maybe their maths wasnt up to scratch or they misread the question and thought it meant how many children are alive but living with them. Ethel definatley is their child though. Looks like I have them all thanks
  2. M

    Edward and Eliza Ann Webb Children

    Just wondered if I could ask for help to make sure I have all of Edward Webb and Eliza Ann Webb (maiden name Hull) children. I currently have the below and the family are from Bourn in Cambridgeshire Albert Ernest Webb Sidney Charles Webb Ethel Sarah Webb Bertram Webb Percy William Webb...
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    John & Ann WEBB

    Looking at Johns life in more detail have found that in his late years in 1861 he is shown as being 79(must be incorrect)birth is 1791! and a widow lodging with James and Ann Cooper their children and a Mary Carter. It gives Johns occupation as past work which is funny but what I was confused...
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    John & Ann WEBB

    Sorry.... could I also ask where you get the occupation from when you provided me with the children ? What site did you get that from?
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    John & Ann WEBB

    Thank you for the warm welcome:) Just matched up the births you gave me of their children and have all apart from James, Everett and Kezia. I have a Mary Ann b:1816 but you dont have it listed. Could you do a check for me to make sure I am right?
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    Past work

    These are my relations as as far as I can see from all of the families I have researched, instead of getting old and going into a workhouse, the families pulled together and had their parents live with one of the children to look after until their death.
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    John & Ann WEBB

    Hello, Just joined the site and noticed this post of my 4x great granddad John Webb and his Wife Ann Hill. I have been researching my family history for around 2-3 years and have gone as far back as these two. I have a few of their children where I have got / found records but wonder if there...
  8. M

    Webb's of Bourn Cambridgeshire Newbie

    Hello I've been researching my family tree for a few years but am new to this site so just saying hi. I have got as far back as my 4x Great Granddad John Webb b:1791c Bourn, Cambridgeshire who married Ann Hill in 1813 but am stuck and need to make sure I have all their children and who John's...