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    cause of death

    Think my 'favourite' death in my tree has to be my Great Granddads. After a few giggling waters he took himself off to his allotment to check his produce; whilst there he decided to have a rest and sat in his wheelbarrow. One thing led to another and he dozed off. Then along came an almighty...
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    I live 10 minutes walk from there- 5mins by car. I can never believe how peaceful it is there considering the 'town' is just over the hill!! Lovely Pics Claire
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    rose asker

    Hi, There is a Rose Asker whose death is registered 1952 in Downham Cambridgeshire/ Norfolk. This rose is aged 67 so assuming that your Rose was born 1885 this lady would fit age wise! The registration information is Downham Vol 4b Page 433. not sure if this will help maybe a certificate...
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    1911 cencus

    Re: 1911 census Hi, Think this is the family you are looking for : - All family members are listed as born Bourne Farnham Surrey. Family is living at Beesley (Or Bresley) Cottages. Midd Bourne, Farnham Surrey in 5 rooms. Leonard aged 41 working in Gravel Yard Ellen...
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    Kathleen Burgess(nee.Riley)

    Just a though but I have a Gt Gt Aunt in my tree who for some unknown reason changed her name. Our side of the family knew her as Aunt Carrie (Caroline at birth) and her husbands family all knew her as Aunt Catherine and no one has any idea why she changed her name. Her records also show her...
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    George Lawson Ward

    Blimey He was a lad wasn't he!!!!! :2fun: :2fun: And that wifey didn't want to give up once she had sniffed out a scandal did she !! eek) :2fun:
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    Brother and sister's offspring marry each other

    Hi, Not quite cousins marrying but in my tree I have:- two brothers and a sister who marry two sisters and their father....leads to sisters being mother in laws and all sorts I also have another set of two brothers who marry two sisters. all of which leads to the branches of this tree...
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    Date Calculator

    oh well I'll try to remember that when I get back to 1752 :biggrin::2fun:
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    Date Calculator

    Hi All I don't know if anyone has posted about a date calculator. I have used this program for a few years now and have at times found it invaluable when trying to locate a missing family member. Link to free download is :- http://www.taubman.org.uk/datecalc/ calculator allows you to...
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    ancestry websites

    Hi, It depends what you are looking for...Freebmd is a good site that lists the Birth, Marriage and Deaths recorded from 1837 onwards, however not all are complete. Ancestry is a good site but you do have to pay for it. Happy hunting Claire
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    hawkins essex area

    Your welcome I'll have another look tomorrow see if I can find anything for Grace ;) Claire
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    hawkins essex area

    Hi, Not sure of the area that your George and Grace Lived but have found a few!!! So for George I found, Death Mar 1947 Aged 89 Romford Vol 5a Pg 661 Death Dec 1947 Aged 75 Chelmsford Vol 4a Pg 420 Deaths Sep 1949 Aged 72 Colchester Vol 4a Pg 377 Aged 84 Thurrock...
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    Looking for possible half siblings

    Hi, Don't know if this is your lady but there is a Lilian Hoare who dies 1945 aged 69, Brentford, Middlesex- Vol 3a pg 231 There is also a Beryl WN Hoare - mother's maiden name smith- born 1933 Luton vol 3b pg 456 not sure if either of these ladies are who you are looking for but is something...
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    1861 census look up please

    Hi, In the 1861 census there is a William Tolan born 1836 Ireland listed as a mason and bricklayers labourer, married to a Bridget Tolan born 1841 also Ireland. also with the couple is Martin Tolan son born 1859 Ireland Mary Quance Mother (of Bridget) born 1821 Ireland (There is a note that...
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    DALZELL / DALZIEL family

    Hi Dave, Alas I have failed you....so far I will continue looking when I get some time tomorrow!! Happy Hunting Claire
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    VICKERS family

    Hi Dave Will do give me 5 mins to check! Claire
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    Annie Elizabeth COWIE

    Hi Dave, Keep up the posting of these look ups.....keeps me from getting frustrated with my missing links!!!!! Now Annie Cowie... The census for her lists Henry- Head aged 32 born c1819 Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire Ruth- Wife aged 34 born 1817 Crakehall Yorkshire Bessie Gill- Niece aged 19...
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    VICKERS family

    Hi Dave, The only Elizabeth Jane Vickers born about 1840 on the 1861 census reads as follows: - Elizabeth J Vickers b abt 1842 Bristol, Somerset aged 19 Occupation House servant. Head of the house is John Chitty Clendon aged 51 born 1810 Deal Kent a Surveyor. Sarah Clendon his wife born 1808...
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    first marriage of arthur ward

    Is it possible that they 'lost' a child at all? Just a thought Happy Hunting Claire
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    Robert Thomas THURSTON

    Hi Dave Me again!!! Robert Thomas Thurston is seen on the 1871 census aged 5 born Yarmouth Norfolk in 1866 He is a lodger in the house where he is recorded. Also in the house hold is: - Thomas Rumsby aged 45 born 1826 Eaton Norfolk an Ag. Lab Sarah Rumsby aged 39 born 1832 Postwick, Norfolk...