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  1. pee wee

    A bit cool this morning

    We had snow here yesterday up at Mt Lofty. Unfortunately not where I was. It was just bloody cold.:'( Peta
  2. pee wee

    Can you date this pendant.

    As it is brassy I agree with Gibbo prob around the ww2 yrs when precious metals were harder to get but brass was in abundance. I even have a couple of things here that were made from brass shell casings & the girl in the pic has the look of that era about her. Cheers Peta
  3. pee wee

    Can you date this pendant.

    Any hallmarks on the back or on the edge of the pendant??
  4. pee wee

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone. Have a safe & happy one >:D Cheers Peta
  5. pee wee

    general advice

    Hi CP No upsets here either. I for one can always use ideas for sites that are free. great idea. Peta
  6. pee wee

    I'm quite new at this

    Hi Laurie, welcome to the FHUK forums. Have fun looking around then post your queries in a relative forum with as much detail as you have as to names, dates, places etc. There are wonderful people here who will love to help you. Cheers Peta
  7. pee wee

    Under Staffed

    I wouldn't eat it. eek) I only like their twisters. A lot of the fast food places here are taking on older staff lately. I often see a 40 plus behind the counters these days. Or in checkouts. They can be a little inflexible with their rosters though. :(
  8. pee wee

    Three Words

    Good afternoon Lee
  9. pee wee

    Under Staffed

    Oh & don't forget the drinks & cigarettes :mad: Sorry people this is a pet peeve of mine redf) :(
  10. pee wee

    Under Staffed

    The manager who runs that KFC should get some backbone & sack those who wont work & hire someone else. I'm sure there are a lot who would appreciate some work & they don't have to be youngsters either. Work ethic in the young has gone out the window .
  11. pee wee

    Augustus Riches

    Hi Crankypants, Thank you.:kissu: Wonder what happened to Tag. This has helped enormously. I will do a look up through the death notices in the paper when I have the card. I'm fairly hopeful it's my Augustus. I've never seen another one. Just want to cover all avenues before I attempt to order...
  12. pee wee

    Today is a sad anniversary day.

    :) Yep that's what I'm aiming for myself :p
  13. pee wee

    observation point

    :biggrin: Yep i'd agree with that :biggrin::biggrin:
  14. pee wee

    observation point

    :2fun: Your not meant to understand us. Thats what makes it all so interesting. :D I use the clippers on the Hubby & do ok:rolleyes: But if he came near me with them, watch out :biggrin::biggrin:
  15. pee wee

    Today is a sad anniversary day.

    It's a fact we never get over the loss of a loved one. It becomes an ache we all learn to live with. My own parents died within a year of each other 25yrs ago. My sister-in-law died early this yr on the 1yr anniversary of my Mother-in-law & a cousin only this week. I find myself thinking of them...
  16. pee wee

    observation point

    eek) Hope she's not looking over you shoulder:2fun: Get your monies worth at hairdresser? Unheard of these days. :p Thats why I only pay for a cut these days & do the rest myself.
  17. pee wee

    Can anyone read this?

    Ellen's occupation looks like Charwoman Johns I have no idea. The birthplace does look like Middlesex but i can't read the last word either. Sorry haven't been of much help Peta
  18. pee wee

    Went to Sandringham today.

    Bingo :kissu::D. It was very sensitively done. Was quite sad for them all.
  19. pee wee

    Went to Sandringham today.

    :confused: Could be. Was a Channel 2 program here which has a lot of BBC shows on it
  20. pee wee

    observation point

    :2fun: no excuses then for you :biggrin: