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  1. L

    Q is for Queensland 2

    PS Hi again Dave Would love to know your connection to this family. Maybe we are related. I also have photos for more recent generations. Cheers and thanks for posting Lorraine
  2. L

    Q is for Queensland 2

    Hi Dave Elizabeth Whitehill McNicol's 2nd Marriage was to John Davidson. She was first married to Edward Howard Oxenbould at Warwick on 14 Sep 1878. Elizabeth's mother was Elizabeth Campbell, born 12 Jan 1833 in Glasgow, Lanarckshire and her grandmother was Elizabeth Whitehill, born about 1803...
  3. L

    Frank William Harvey

    Hi Dave Thanks for the feedback. I checked again and Frank Webber Harvey married Florence. I'm beginning to wonde rif Frank may have spent time overseas. Kit seems to be an American name to me but may be wrong. The search continues. Thanks again Lorraine
  4. L

    Frank William Harvey

    Hi Steve Thank you very much for your search. Just checked out the Frank W on ancestry and it was Frank Webber - 2 brothers married 2 sisters. I'll keep looking though. Unfortunately Frank and Kit had no children, so all I have is the K or Kit to go on. I do have a picture purported to be...
  5. L

    Frank William Harvey

    I have been researching my grand father's family and have been able to fill in a lot of details but Frank William's marriage eludes me. Frank William Harvey was born on the Isle of Wight on 11 Sep 1869, Gate Lane, Freshwater, IOW, the second son of George Harvey and Eliza Ann Lambert. 1871...
  6. L

    FURNER family originally from Brede

    Hi Dave Apologies for answering in your Furner forum. Am new to forums and am trying to contact you re John Davidson, his 2nd wife Elizabeth Whitehill Macnicol and son, Donald Macnicol Davidson. Found your posts. My Grandmother was Grace Muriel. Am interested in sharing information and photos...
  7. L

    John Davidson connection

    Hi All My name is Lorraine and I have been researching on and off for about 20 years but, since I retired nearly 2 years ago, have been searching in earnest. I found this forum yesterday when I googled the name of my great uncle Donald Macnicol Davidson and discovered that daveham9 also has...
  8. L

    Q is for Queensland 2

    Hi Dave and Crankypants I discovered your thread about John Davidson, Elizabeth Whitehill Macnicol and Donald Macnicol Davidson when I googled Donald's name this morning. John and Elizabeth were my maternal great grandparents, Donald my great uncle. Would love to make contact and share family...