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  1. jojo1973

    Cohen/Hinden from Russia

    I am also searching for info for my Cohen ancestors..Nathan Cohen and wife Sarah(Sallie) Lerme...born in Russia or Prussia? Their son George was born in Massachusetts in 1876... i also have access to world records on ancestry and im at a dead end..I knew Cohen was a popular Jewish name,but never...
  2. jojo1973

    Officially Autumn

    Definently the fall!! I love to watch the leaves turning and the crisp air..i love Halloween and Thanksgiving..im an October baby as well...also Fall is the official kick off to the Baileys and Coffee season!!(hey,my ancestors were irish;)
  3. jojo1973


    looking for any info on (William?) Leopold Kampel born November 15,1822 im Saxony,Germany..he was living in the US as of the 1860s-70s,before this i have no records..any and all info welcome and much appreciated..Thanks,Jodi
  4. jojo1973

    McClinton/McClintock,Ireland to Scotland

    While researching my McClinton family(William,1856 son of Robert and Mary,all born in County Down) i ran into a few census records(Scotland) that listed them as McClintock..possible name change or mistake? I also found a John(wife,Janet) living in Stoneykirk that ggg believe is a brother to...
  5. jojo1973

    Andy Whitfield.

    Steve, I love,love this show and just found out today that he had passed away..so sad:( im looking forward to the show,but it wont be complete without him...thoughts and prayers to his family and friends....Jodi
  6. jojo1973

    John Griffith and Margaret Aul of PA, VA, OH, IN

    Ken, the family trees i found were on ancestry.com...i have looked on every on line site and i see that you have been doing your homework:) in a few trees i see date of death listed as 1880 but it shows her (Margaret)living with a daughter in 1900? Im sure(considering all of your detective work)...
  7. jojo1973

    Understanding Scotland...

    (Totaly Lost) Not only am i researching my family tree,but im trying to get a better understanding of how they lived...in my research of Scotland censuses i have come across a few addresses that i dont understand. Garrochtne Cot House,High Eldrick Cot House(both in Stoneykirk area)..could...
  8. jojo1973

    John Griffith and Margaret Aul of PA, VA, OH, IN

    Hi Ken, i have found several family trees online(not sure if you have seen these) relating to John and Margaret Griffith(all childrens names match.) John born April 4,1800 in St.Clair,Bedford,Pa to William Griffith(1760-1836) and Margaret Sheilds(1769-1855), John died Jan.8,1858 in...
  9. jojo1973

    a little advice please

    Have you tried posting on Genforum? They have surname boards where you can ask questions for a specific family you are searching for(no fee) also i have found alot on family search..also i found a hit for a Mary Veronica Wynne b..Oct.19,1936,naturalized in New Haven,Connecticut May...
  10. jojo1973

    Death Dates in Tobermory

    I think that is my Christy,Dave!! According to some marriage info someone posted for me,she was born Christina(e) McPhail Jan.12,1860.. i believe Peter and Christy were married in Tobermory in 1882. I appreciate the help..thanks again,Jodi..
  11. jojo1973

    Death Dates in Tobermory

    Dave,many thanks.....Peter was born in May 1855. I have struggled with both Christina and Peter..All the best,Jodi
  12. jojo1973

    New Member Alison

    Hi Allison, just like you im ADDICTED!! Happy hunting,Jodi...
  13. jojo1973

    Death Dates in Tobermory

    i am looking for date of death for Peter and Christina(McPhail)Macintyre..last info i have on them is 1901 census showing them in Tobermory..any info appreciated!! Thanks,Jodi:)
  14. jojo1973

    New member - hello

    Hello and welcome from another new member!!
  15. jojo1973

    Robert McClinton WW1&WW2

    Just found out recently that my ggrandfather,Robert McClinton(1898,Stoneykirk) served in World Wars 1&2..the first as member of Seaforth Highlanders Brigade of Royal Scots and jhe 2nd war in the U.S. Army where he was a P.O.W(a guest of the germans)..i find it pretty fascinating that he was able...
  16. jojo1973

    Newest member...

    Thanks everyone for the welcome!!
  17. jojo1973

    Newest member...

    Thanks Steve..
  18. jojo1973

    Newest member...

    Hello to all,im Jodi from Kentucky,U.S.....i am researching the McClinton family from Stoneykirk,Scotland(originaly County Down,Ireland) and the MacIntyre family of Tobermory,Scotland..