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  1. J

    Andrew Shaw arrived in USA around 1880

    I spoke to my father tody and just like me, he has no idea of his paternal grandmother's maiden name. Although that would not really have much bearing on what I'm trying to do tracing my great grandfather's. thanks so much to all of you for helping me. I knwo very little about Scotland so I...
  2. J

    Andrew Shaw arrived in USA around 1880

    Hi Leever, I don't think that would be the first arrival for Andrew to the US. The 1900 US census lists him as having 3 american born children all born before 1898. Interesting nonetheless since how much of a coincidence that there is another couple with the same names. From the best I can tell...
  3. J

    Andrew Shaw arrived in USA around 1880

    Hi again, yes Julie, Andrew's wife's name was Martha Delia Shaw from what I can see in the census report. I now believe Andrew arrived in the US aboard a ship called "Athos" in 1885. I do not have any idea how to go deeper into Andrew's past in Scotland, seems he lived in Glasgow before he came...
  4. J

    Andrew Shaw arrived in USA around 1880

    Hello, Thanks to those who hav posted suggestions. The best info I have is that Andrew Shaw was born in Scotland and arrived in New York from Glasgow sometime around 1880. Back when I had a subscription to Ancestry.com I saw on their site a scan of the passenger manifest for the SS Ansonia where...
  5. J

    Andrew Shaw arrived in USA around 1880

    I'm trying to trace back from my paternal great grandfather Andrew Shaw who arrived in New York sometime around 1880 from Scotland aboard the SS Ansonia (I believe was the name of the ship) his listed occupation on the passenger list was house painter. I tried Ancestry.com a while back but found...