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    Fredrick scoble Burnip born 1862

    all public cemetery burials and cremations in hartlepool and the former town of west hartlepool are on computer in stranton grange cemetery office in tanfield road. phone or email them to ask how much it would cost to obtain print-outs of every person with a surname matching your list...
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    Kate Hustler /Boyle born 1885 Whitby

    the boyle - hustler marriage was at a catholic/non conformist church or register office more than likely in west hartlepool. no info available. note that earlier boyle's may have been o'boyle and dropped the initial letter "o".
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    Gladys Cusworth born 1903 Hartlepool

    she married in st james's church, musgrave street, west hartlepool, in 1923. what other info are you after?
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    1901/1891 census look up please

    the marriage at all saints church, west hartlepool, on 4 september 1875: john isaac, aged 22 and a labourer. son of andrew isaac, a farmer. elizabeth ann bradley, aged 18 and a spinster. daughter of william bradley, a ship carpenter. witnesses were james johnson and frances mary johnson...
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    Sutherland MacAdie born about 1902

    there is a 1945 gladys mcadie marriage to thomas grady at a register office(?) in hartlepool/west hartlepool.
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    Sutherland MacAdie born about 1902

    they married at st james's church, musgrave street, west hartlepool, on 24 february 1923. sutherland mcadie, aged 20 and a crane driver. son of john mcadie, a labourer. 29 garibaldi street, west hartlepool. gladys cusworth. aged 19 and spinster. daughter of william cusworth, a locomotive...
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    Frederick Lister Beck

    the marriage at st hilda's church, hartlepool, on 20 june 1878: frederick lister beck, aged 31, single and a naval architect. son of charles beck, a gentleman. address: stranton, west hartlepool. edith blumer, aged 25 and a spinster. daughter of george blumer (deceased). address: albion...
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    1911 census Harrison family of Hartelpool - help appreciated

    harrison marriages in west hartlepool: herbert in 1922 at st james's church, west hartlepool, to edith edmanson. daisy l in 1920 at christ church, west hartlepool, to framcis best. emily in 1930 at all saints church, west hartlepool, to robert musgrave.
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    no can view records

    death notices appear in the "northern daily mail", west hartlepool, for both of them.