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    It was 30 years ago yesterday

    Thank you Paul I was actually the one that found this place for him, almost two years ago now. It's why I had his password, I was actually the one that signed him up. He'd not really done anything on the internet before, and though this sort of software is relatively painless, to a person of...
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    It was 30 years ago yesterday

    I'm not Robert Sutton. I'm his son, just posting on his account. So what am I doing on his account? I'll get to that later, but just so you know, I'm not Robert Sutton. I remember 30 years ago yesterday, it was my fathers birthday, and his father had come to visit, you know, to help with the...
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    Looking for Sage in Gloucestershire

    Thanks to all @ emeltee Your contribution was very useful and gave me information which I did not have. However, although there is a gap between 1817 and 1821 when Charles Sage could have been born to this family, he is conspicuous by his absence, although I know that he originated from...
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    Looking for Sage in Gloucestershire

    I am looking for Details of John Sage and his wife, living in Ebley, Gloucestershire, the parents of Charles Sage who was born about 1819.
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    Surname of Berridge spouse?

    Steve, Sorry I forgot to give you the data that I have. George Berridge was born 26 04.1808, married Elizabeth Lindfield on 06.02.1837 in London, at which time he was or became a Queen's Messenger. He died 05.02.1870 at Saffron Walden in Essex, which was then his home. I have further data...
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    Surname of Berridge spouse?

    George Berridge whom I think originated from Kingston-on-Soar in Nottinghamshire was the son of John Berridge and Elizabeth and was my 2xGreat Grandfather. I am trying to discover what was Elizabeth's surname and any further information on this family, especially his parents names and any...
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    The Leggett Families

    I am trying to find a connection between the Leggett family of Wetherden. Haughley or Bacton in Suffolk with another family from Suffolk with the same surname but at one time living in Bardwell or Coney Weston in Suffolk. If you can help or are interested, please let me know.
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    Origin of Berridges in Nottinghamshire

    I am looking for the origins of my forebears, the Berridges of Nottinghamshire - specifically George Berridge who was born in the early part of the 1700's, I think at Kingston-on-Soar near Nottingham. He also had a brother who was a well known priest in Bedfordshire. Any information would be...
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    Elizabeth Berridge

    Further to your reply, Henry Addison Arden was a groom in Westminster. Yes, I think he had children, or possibly only one, in which case he's likely to be George Berridge born 26.4.1808. George Berridge became a Queen's Messenger, then married 6.2.1837, Elizabeth Mary Lindfield, daughter of...
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    Hanover Square. London.

    I believe St. George's Hanover Square has the largest parish responsibility in London, and to my knowledge has associated connections with Pimlico in Middlesex near to Victoria station. Your family records may refer to St. George's but the people referred to may live several miles away. The...
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    Henry Addison Arden

    Hi Julie. Thanks for your quick response. Henry Addison Arden was born 25.9.1836 at Wragby Lincolnshire and was married to Frances Jane Fuller Inee Ings) on 3.5.1868 - I don't know where, and lived for most of his life in London mostly in Pimlico, Middlesex, where he was a groom at livery...
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    Elizabeth Berridge

    I am searching for the details of Elizabeth Berridge who married John Berridge about 1800, probably in London or possibly in Nottinghamshire. He came originally from Kingston-on-Soar in Nottinghamshire. Any help with them or their forebears would be appreciated.
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    Henry Addison Arden

    I am looking for Henry Addison's death details on 10 7 1919 and on his forebears and children. Can anyone help ?
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    My primary interest is to locate the family history of Mary Hardy niece of Admiral Thomas Masterman Hardy, daughter of his brother John who was born about 1791 (in Dorset probably) and married a Thomas Lindfield and lived in Surrey or Berkshire and had at least two children (girls).