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    EMENEY, Alice Kate 1888 to 12/5/1953

    My uncle James Reginald EMENEY (1893 to 1975) is giving me the runaround! :confused:James was the black sheep of the family, spent time in the navy, enjoyed a drink and lost contact with the rest of the family for part of his life. My father has assured me that James never married but I have...
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    Obtaining accurate addresses from census

    I'm confused by the house numbers in the census returns for 1851 to 1901. Although my ancestors John & Patience EMENEY lived in the same street in each census, the number against their household varies. In 1851 it's 32, 1861 is 53, 1871 is 55, 1881 is 49, 1891 is 48 and 1901 is 53 again. Can I...
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    PARKER, Mabel Lily c1898 - 20/3/1966

    Can you help me find a mysterious lady? Mabel Parker left her estate to my great uncle James Reginald EMENEY in her will of 1956. James was the black sheep of the family and was not seen much after he left the navy in 1918. He was said to be fond of the bottle. My father believes he and Mabel...
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    Hello! I'm Brian from Norwich, researching the Emeney family. My father's family are from Hadleigh in Suffolk. So far, I've managed to get a pretty good picture of them from c1890 to 1985, although I'm having a bit of trouble with an illegitimate daughter (born 1918) as her birth isn't...