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    How many towns called Derry?

    Hugo, I didn't check the Derrys in Ireland. Had a look at Multimap and here they are: 1.Derry, Ireland (general) 2.Derry, County Galway 3.Derry, County Sligo 4.Derry, County Cavan 5.Derry, County Wexford 6.Derry, County Laois i'd be really sure that your Derry is my hhometown, hoswever. John
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    How many towns called Derry?

    Hello Hugo, Glad to hear the infomation was of some value. The agricultural work in Scotland would certainly tie up with Derry and Doengal. Laboureres used to catch the boat from Derry to Scotland at Potato harvesting time, particularly. Your name is pretty common in th north of Ireland...
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    How many towns called Derry?

    Hello Hugo, Interesting question ! As a native of Derry/ Londonderry in Ireland and having visited both Derry and Londonderry in the USA - in New Hampshire - I can tell you that there are quite a few other Derrys and Londonderrys. The above US towns - Derry:http://www.derry.nh.us/ and...