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    Dade registers...

    I Forgive me as I am new at all of this but I am not able to click on this website address above with results.
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    Intro - Alfred Spiers/Spires

    Re: Intro Thanks so much. Debbie
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    Intro - Alfred Spiers/Spires

    Re: Intro Hello Dave. I am looking for any information on my "Spiers family." The furthest I have gotten is my 4 great grandfather Thomas born 1765 in Spernall Warwickshire England and death in Inkberrow, Worcestershire, England with no year. Thank you for your welcome. Debbie
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    Intro - Alfred Spiers/Spires

    Re: Intro Thank you so much for posting information relating to my family tree. This is my 2nd great grandfather. I believe his father to be John Spiers b1782 in Inkberrow, Worchestershire and death 1840, Broomwich, Staffordshire. His father, Thomas born 1765 in Spernall Warwichshire and death...
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    Intro - Alfred Spiers/Spires

    Hello, Let me introduce myself. I live in Chicago, IL. I recently started a family tree on ancestry. I exchanged emails with a party who directed me to this site. I am looking for my family who's name went back and forth with spelling as (Spiers or Spires) My Great, Great Grandfather was Alfred...