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    Service histories for the Boer War

    Julie, Chris Julie, yes thanks that is Fredericks address in Hulme the details are a great help. Chris again yes, Albert is my Grand Farther served in WWI, taken prisioner during the Somme at Trones Wood on or around 10th July 1916. His Farther is Frederick William Kendrick who served in the...
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    Service histories for the Boer War

    Julie, Ben, Sreve Thanks for the ideas and links to other sources of possible information, I am new to the idea of tracing the family history so all help is gratefully welcomed. You have all given me lots of ideas on where to look next. Steve, Ben - All I know at the moment is his date of...
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    Service histories for the Boer War

    Hi all I am seeking any information on one of my Great Grand Farthers who served in the Boer War. GNR Frederick William Kendrick 72453 served with the Royal Field Artillary in the Boer War and took part in the relief of Ladysmith and the battle of Tugela Heights. However this is all I know...
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    Confused and lost

    Hi all, I have just registered with this site and I am not sure how to proceed so please forgive me if I make some big mistake or other. I am seeking information on a member of my family who served in the Boer War. All I know is his name rank and serial number and regiment he served in...