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    Jane Moss, Holly st. Sheffield

    Robert Tyzack Hi again, the only possibility in the 1861 English census that may be my Robert is RG9 Piece 3480; Folio 34; Page 29 at entry 121, being Robert Tyzack misspelt Lyzack, 22 born Sheffield abt 1839, occupation: white metal smith. He is boarding with a couple & daughter named Lamb at...
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    Jane Moss, Holly st. Sheffield

    Re: Jane Moss & Tyzacks Thanks for that input, but I'd have to rule that Robert Moss out being my Robert Tyzack, as he seems to be married as you say to that Emma & consistantly appears in the english cenuses from 1861 on. I have little doubt that the Robert Tyzack 4, in the 1841 census at...
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    Jane Moss, Holly st. Sheffield

    Hi, has anyone researched the Benjamin (glass cutter) & Jane Moss, both 30 living at Holly Street, Sheffield, during the 1841 cenus H0 107/1338/7 42b. I wonder if the two Tyzack children, Lydia 10 & Robert 4 boarding with them could be related. Their parents Thomas & Mary Tizick & 1 year old son...
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    Coats of Arms - Con!

    Yes unfortunately there are many bucket shops out there with the common phrase: Is your name here? It probably is...but that doesn't mean that the everyday John Brown has any claim to one of the many differenced Brown coat of arms, which was granted to varied prominent persons in the past. So...
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    Robert Tyzick born Sheffield

    Thanks very much, this is about the nearest combination I've seen in the 1841 census for Sheffield for my folk. From what I've seen on Ancestry the name can have quite alot of variation, Best Regards.
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    Robert Tyzick born Sheffield

    I'm trying to locate any birth details for a Robert Tyzick (may be spelt Tyzack) born abt 1837/8 in Sheffield Yorkshire, to a Thomas Tyzack (table blade maker) & Mary Smith. His parents may be a Thomas Tyzack & Mary Smith married on the 23/11/1828 Cathedral of St Peter Sheffield. Robert joined...