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    Help needed - Hilton Roscoe - 1824

    Ok so now i tried to find Mercy & John Taylor on the 1841 census record and i found them along with their son William who would match the birth record i have for him. Only problem is there is also a James aged 12 and Hilton aged 18. I am now wondering if this is my Hilton? But it doesn't state...
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    Help needed - Hilton Roscoe - 1824

    Ok so if Mercy Roscow is the sister of Hilton then i think this may fit. I am thrown off by the spelling of the surname but i know this can occur often. So i tried to find a link back to the 1871 census were Hilton has a nephew named William Taylor living with him. I found a Mercy Roscow who...
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    Help needed - Hilton Roscoe - 1824

    Llewred - I have done the DNA testing with Ancestry but I have yet to find anyone with a direct link to Hilton that has any information. The only lead I could think of is that on the 1861 census record he has a nephew living with him under the name of Thomas Noden. I am assuming this nephew is...
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    Help needed - Hilton Roscoe - 1824

    This has been a brick wall for me for over a year and I have no idea were to go from here. Hilton Roscoe (Walmsley) is my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was born in 1824 in Ainsworth, Lancashire. He was baptised on 21st November 1824 in St Peter's, Bolton-le-Moors. The only record I have is from his...
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    Hello my name is Hannah...

    Hello, my name is Hannah and i am 28 from England. I started researching my family history about a year and a half ago. My mother started it and then she passed away so i made a promise that i would finish it for her. I have a full time job so it is a slow going process at the moment but i am...