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  1. J

    M Giblin, Birmingham

    Oh, thank you very much. The dates for Tom and Doris are definetly correct, so this seems to be the right person. Thanks for that. I appreciate it.
  2. J

    Hello from the north east!

    Hi, my name is Joel (surprise there!) and i think this forum is great especially with (from what i have seen) all the brilliant helpful members. I think family history is very interesting and i hope to find out a lot about mine with help from this forum. So just thought i'd say hello
  3. J

    M Giblin, Birmingham

    Hi guys, great forum! I'm looking up my family history for my dad, and we've hit a snag at his grandad or my great grandad. He was from Birmingham with the surname Giblin, but my dad can't remember his first name, just that he thinks it began with an M. He had three kids; Mariam/Mary, Doris and...