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    Please Elp ?

    cheers for that i will get the ball rolling
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    Please Elp ?

    hello all, can any-body find a WILLIAM ELP born i believe in ryton on dunsmore warwickshire about 1740,also did he have a son named WILLIAM ELPS any information i would be grateful of, cheers bob
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    help to fill in the gaps

    Re: please help "william elp" nainmaddie, ive been down to warwick to check on this but only manage to find bits ie children from wm & susanna thats why i think wm & judith were is parents plus a 33yr gap oh well back to the drawing board but cheers for looking
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    help to fill in the gaps

    please help "william elp" hi all my 1st plea for help WILLIAM ELP born about 1740,wed susanna brown 1794 @ st mary's in walsgrave on sowe any information would be of use, you see ive a WM ELP marrying in 1761,to judith jones,AND marrying her again on the same day BUT @ bubbenhall:mad: which i...
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    yep another new comer

    hi everybody, just a quick intro, hope your not already bored :) just to say im new at this all im hoping for it to be of help and hopefully to get some help so lets all be great mates,i live in salford the capital of m/c ha, if i can find things out for any one far afield i will try my best...