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  1. J

    Job Allcott

    Thanks for the information Julie, hopefully I can now carry on my merry way, either forwards or backwards as the case may be!! So grateful to you. Joan McEwan
  2. J

    Job Allcott

    Job Allcott was one of my ancestors, but I am having great difficulty in finding his death date. He was born in Kingsbury, Warwickshire in 1818. And I believe his death date was sometime before 1861 (I think, but am not sure) His parents were Job and Esther(Bird) Perhaps someone can help me with...
  3. J

    Chirton, Northumberland

    Chirton, Northumberland Hello to anyone who can help me!! My ancestors came from Chirton in Northumberland and I would love to know anything about that area. Also are there anywhere I can search for headstones in the vicinity? Or maybe cemeteries? Heres hoping!!!........................Joan...
  4. J

    look up on ancestry

    Dear Julie, Thank you so much for the information you looked up and sent to me. You have answered a lot of unanswered quetions I seem to have been having. I am really grateful to you, all the searching I have done and have been unsuccessful. I will now start searching for a death for Matthew...
  5. J

    look up on ancestry

    Thank you so much for your kind offer for a lookup in Ancestry. I seem to have hit a brick wall!! The person I am trying to locate on the census for 1891 and/or 1901 is Matthew Coulsey. He was born in North Shields on 8th September 1871. His parents were Robert and Mary Ann. I hope you are able...