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    need lookup of a marriage plz john clarke b 1830 woodhouse leicester to a mary b 1831 woodhouse have found a possibilty john clarke 1852 barrow on soar to a mary fisher can someone plz confirm this for me thanks sarah
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    need help in looking for info on john barsby b 1739 hungerton leicestershire married a mary chambers in sept 6th 1779 mary chambers b 1760 rearsby leicester had 6 children the last one being born 1791 (william barsby) not sure when john barsby died had a child in 1777 name harry...
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    john barsby

    lookup plz john barsby b 1739 hungerton leicester married in 1779 to a mary chambers in ash abby /ashby leicestershire had a son in 1777 harry chambers/ barsby also a son richard barsby b 1788 hungerton i wondered if somone could find any info on him like where and when he died i dont have any...
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    help plz

    would like help in tracing this man want info bout john barsby b 1739 hungerton leicester married a mary chambers in 1779 the info i need is his death and if he married before he married mary he had a son called harry in 1777 base born chambers/barsby i just cant find him anywhere on igi dont...
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    wanted names

    i submitted 2 names for wanted and neither of them have been put on the wanted board why is this \\\\\\\\\\??
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    hello all

    hi im newbie and my name is sarah im a fulltime mum with 2 kids one who is recovering from cancer i love researching my family the names i have on it are wragg howkins clarke barsbypickering weston to name but a few hope to have a good time here sarah
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    hello all

    hi im sarah and researching then clarke family i have 2 young kids so dont get much time to do researching i must say this site looks fantastic and i hope il be happy here sarah