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    Suez Canal Zone

    I don't know if anybody might be able to answer this question at all. But my grandfather served in Tripoli between 1949 and 1951 as a 'Class C Driver'. From research that I have gathered, he manned engineering vehicles, such as cranes, oil drills, dump trucks, etc. He then moved on to the Suez...
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    ARP Wardens

    Ok, this should do it then, thanks!
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    ARP Wardens

    Okay, hopefully this should activate things then...
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    ARP Wardens

    Hi Elaine A thousand thank yous for your reply. I have attempted to send you a Private Message, although despite thorough searching, I have not been able to find a means to do so. I would be very interested in viewing the article you mention. I have checked under the 'User CP' section of...
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    ARP Wardens

    Hello there My great grandfather served as an ARP Warden in Salford, Manchester during WWII. His name was Arthur Fitton and he was born in 1893. I was just wondering if anybody is aware of any information on his service out there somewhere? Many thanks Tom