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    Robert Douglas WARD

    Crash site on headland opposite side of the river in photo attachment
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    Robert Douglas WARD

    Thanks Dave
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    Robert Douglas WARD

    Why were you looking for relatives? I am researching him. He was the only survivor of a crash about half a mile from where I live, would like to trace relatives
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    Ewen & Marjorie LESLIE

    Thanks for all your help. I have accessed this already. I have contacted relatives of all but one of the rest of the crew, 2 siblings of Metivier came to visit us last week from North America. There is a Fiona Cameron (user name) who has an entry on myheritage.com for this family, but never had...
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    Thanks for letting me join, I am undertaking much military family research and sometimes need a helping hand
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    Ewen & Marjorie LESLIE

    Can you help? I am researching the accident that claimed "Mac" Leslie listed above, and trying to trace family. All the family names match