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    Sisler family from Germany

    Looking for information as to origins of Sisler family from Germany. Western part 1700's or earlier.
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    Medforth-Yorkshire England

    Looking for information on Medforth family from Yorkshire England. Wilkin Medforth b. 1917 is last we could find. Anyone with information please let me know.
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    Looking for Sitzler

    Hit a wall looking for relatives of William Sitzler. Born 1715 in Germany Died 1755 Pennsylvania. Not much luck finding relatives. Specific dates of BMD don't match some data we have from other searches. Any help would be great.
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    Looking for Tschudi in Switzerland or Germany

    Thanks AdamsonE60 for your time and information. We have much of what you found. I don't know the best way to proceed. Not sure about who to contact on Swiss side.
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    Looking for Litzel from Switzerland

    We have the info on her marriage. I would like to know if Marriage certificate may solve the problem. Maybe it will have her Parents on it.
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    Looking for Litzel from Switzerland

    Hit dead end trying to find parents of Catherine Litzel. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1820. Parents are from Switzerland. Don't know when they immigrated to U.S. Various spelling of last name have not made it easy. She married Samuel Sisler in the U.S.
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    Looking for Tschudi in Switzerland or Germany

    Hit dead end trying to find info on Elizabeth Tschudi. Born between 1837 and 1842 in Switzerland or Germany. Came to U.S. and married Noah Wilkin.
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    Martha Orr

    Martha was born in Ireland about 1748. She died in Millersburg Ohio in 1852. Don't know if she married before coming to USA. Don't know when she immigrated. Possible Steele connection.
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    Orr history.

    Looking for a connection to the steel and Orr family. Martha Orr was born 1748 in Ireland. Died 1852 in Millersburg Ohio. Great great grandmother to John Boling in USA
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    Bedell family

    Thanks to all the responses. We have found that Edmond is his first name. Ron
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    Bedell family

    Searching for Edmund or Edward Bedell family Born in New York 1835 Died 1917 in Iowa Parents were born in England He was a farmer.
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    John and Maria Wilkin family

    Thank You to AdamsonE60, horse and gibbo for the information. The Will link information may be helpful. We have a lot of the other information.
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    John and Maria Wilkin family

    John Wilkin born 1792 in Norfolk. He died in 1855 in Leake Maria (Bland) Wilkin born 1799 in Old Leake She died in 1844 in Leake Married 11-28-1819 Parish of Old Leake Lincolnshire. This is what we have found. Have some information from censuses on their children. We are searching for...
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    John and Maria Wilkin family

    Anyone have information on the Jon and Maria (Bland) family. Have been hitting dead ends.