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    help please

    Hi there, re your William C,I know off will topic but do you have his birth ? does 1910 fit in with his age at death as there is a Bedwelty birth on Free BMD site.I know its transcribed as William G but on looking at the original scan it could also be a C. Just a thought and good luck with your...
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    Murray 1861 details please

    Would very much like to have details of Margaret Murray born Stoke Newington circa 1832. She would be unmarried at this time and possibly with her parents James and Mary Ann and maybe a sister Esther /Hester.Her fathers occupation merchant clerk. Many thanks
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    Penfold, Richard 1841 census info sought

    I am seeking information for any Richard Penfolds living in Headcorn in 1841, not born in county and around 60 yrs old. With Thanks nanniep
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    Curious Fox

    I have used this site and as previously stated,any avenue might help. Their email advise of new messages to the user subscribed counties etc is interesting and has been of use to me in the past. Not a patch on FH UK though
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    Donovan-Cowell Marriage,if any

    Benny/Susan,thanks for all your help and advice, much appreciated. What is also confusing is the fact that the children were baptised as Hines-Donovan and I cannot find any link to the name Hines either. A real mystery lot !! Best Wishes to both
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    Donovan-Cowell Marriage,if any

    Thank you so much Sue for taking the time to look, much appreciated. Despite sending for a batch of birth certs for James Jnr have not bee able to find the right one so far. Best Wishes nanniep
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    Donovan-Cowell Marriage,if any

    Finding a marriage between these two has eluded me for years and I really do need a breakthrough,hopefully from you good people out there!! Mary Ann Cowell and James Donovan are the elusive couple. Their first child, also named James was born circa 1882 in "The Old Kent Rd" area so I would lean...
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    Another annoyance,the cream egg advert on the tv screen, first noticed shortly after New Year. Here we go I thought, Easter already and the mince pies are not even finished.
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    John Moore and Mary Walsh

    Chrissie, LDS have a new pilot site where you can check out marriage refs etc, sorry cant remember exact web address but you should be able to Google it easily. Good Luck
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    A Striking Story.

    Ive just asked my local library to track down a copy for me to borrow as I cant wait to read it. Thanks Leefer for posting.
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    Opinions please (changing occupations)

    A huge thankyou for all the replies to this query,I greatly appreciate all the help and support given here. Best wishes. nannie
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    Opinions please (changing occupations)

    I was fairly sure that I had identified the parents of a descendent ie until receiving the marriage cert when the occupation recorded was carpenter for both groom and his father. The occupation I was expecting to see for at least for the groom was housepainter/painter as this was the common...
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    Seaman Family

    I would just like to say a huge thankyou for the information povided, it is much appreciated.
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    Seaman Family

    If at all possible I would be glad of some details on the following family: John Seaman (or variant) born Buckinghamshire 1859,a house painter and Alice his wife born Chelmsford also 1859. There should be a son Edward John age about 3, born in 1888. With thanks NannieP
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    What is your starsign?

    A Piscean here,23 Feb,only trouble is Im not a great swimmer but according to the star sign meant to be sensitive and intuitive.
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    James Donovan sought

    Sorry Julie, Yes those pesky Donovans of mine.:) NannieP
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    James Donovan sought

    Thank you Julie, This family is indeed a difficult one to unravel. Although the given birthplace for James Snr was Suffolk,family are sure he was actually Irish as stated later. I think there was an error with the Suffolk bit but thought I would ask anyway. I am sure I have the correct family...
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    James Donovan sought

    If at all possible I am seeking information about James Donovan born circa 1851-1856. I know very litttle about him at present except that on the 1891 and 1911 census his birthplace states he was born Hadleigh Suffolk. I would like to know if there is any entry for any possible match. With...
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    Hi from Wales, Daffodil glad you have joined this happy BUNCH and I love your username. Best of luck on your family research.welcome NannieP
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    Everyday Annoyances!

    Hiya All, Not an everyday annoyance but I sure got annoyed today when I went to buy a birthday card and guess what ? yes thats right the Christmas cards are on display !!!.