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    I havent been on here for a while,and still i cant remember how to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My FH, still isnt getting anywhere,,Im looking for any relitive of my Grandmother, Elizabeth Holmes, Born in Alvaston in Derbyshire, in 1901.Her parents went to live in America, leaveing her behind. My mum...
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    nottingham names

    [SIZE Hiya, Just wonderd if anyone can help with any of my FT surnames.????? My Grandma who lived in the Meadows,NOTTINGHAM, Was HOLMES, until she married, then became BROWN, (Elizabeth) She was born in Derbyshire, in 1900. She was 18 when she had my mother, who she gave up for addoption in...
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    Hi Pee wee,Thanks for being in touch. HOW DO I SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE TALKING ABOUT????? I need instrutions where to start. If you havent been on one of these sites before, like me, there is nothing to tell you what to do, AT ALL!!!!! Im sure its not just me, (im 52) and dont know what to do on...
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    Hiya Keanani , Thanks for reply, im not haveing problems with searching FT, ive been searching that for about 2yrs now. Its the forum and its use that im haveing trouble with!!! Ive not been on one of these progs before, and i cant find out how to use it, You might not even get this reply...
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    Hiya everyone, im a newbi and have no idea what im doing, can anyone help!eek)