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  1. gemini1651

    Lost my 'sensus' again.

    hi steve its great to know im in good company as you nearly all seem to get the same problems and i was thinking it was my age hehe ive even been trying to think how they could simplyfy this site but get to muddled half way through my ideas and end up back where i starte lol :2fun: :o :o
  2. gemini1651

    Lost my 'sensus' again.

    hi steve ,i started on here the other day but i spend most of my time reading other peoplesstories as besides keep losing my way about after a while my brain goes on strike and i just cannot concentrate any longer ,lol to much info for this head but i keep trying knowing im not alone hehe...
  3. gemini1651


    thanks for the welcome i am just trying to get used to this site as i keep forgetting where ive been or where im going lol no worries :D
  4. gemini1651

    happy birthday

    happy birthday to all those mentioned hope its been fun i keep getting my knickers in a knot and im not sure if im doing it right my memory is rubbish these days bye for now folks ann
  5. gemini1651

    getting sorted

    many thanks to gwenythgreen i will get that sorted, ann:)
  6. gemini1651


    hi everyone just seen messages from ozzies didnt think it was so worldwide ,i just found this site today on the net .im looking for my birth fathers rellies cullen /tyson in the uk but even though i know the year he died and such this site has not found his records ,are they still behind with...