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  1. Minden

    Boer War Queries

    I would say that RA stands for Royal Artillery, and his regimental number was 6327. The other number may be a page number, although I'm surprised your source doesn't tell you. This ties in with him joining the Indian Army later (bored/unemployed/escaping a disgruntled shopgirl??). Don't...
  2. Minden

    Frank Shipman

    The Notts and Derby man died in 1916. All the rest enlisted relatively late (post 1915). This would make any regional affiliation irrelevant. I would be tempted to look at the East Kent/Middx man first, as he may have been transferred to a garrison or works battalion because of wounds. I...
  3. Minden

    Serjeant Harold Clive Miles

    From the long, long trail: KOYLI 1st Battalion August 1914 : in Singapore. Returned to England and landed at Southampton on 9 November 1914. 9 November 1914 : moved to Hursley Park and on to Harwich on 18 November. 17 December 1914 : returned to Hursley Park and attached to 83rd Brigade in 28th...
  4. Minden

    8th Hussars in 1894

    According to the 1891 census he wasn't with the regiment in Norwich at that time, which may indicate he joined afterwards. However, I couldn't find a medal card for him, so he probably didn't serve in the First Big Mistake. So, unless he went (back?) to Ireland (the 8th being an Irish...
  5. Minden

    Harry Hale

    Need a few more clues, mate. On Ancestry there are around 15 MIC's for Harry Hale, loads more if Harry was short for Henry, or if he had a middle name. The only Yorkshire Regt Harries both died. There are three possible marriages to Ediths in Yorkshire (all Huddersfield, Q1 1907, and 2 in Q4...
  6. Minden

    Arthur and Jabez Palmer

    Ancestry only has one Medal Index Card, for the Jabez who was in the Manchester Regt and then the Labour Corps. Usually men went into the Labour Corps after they were declared unfit for further front-line service, after wounding etc. This would imply that this individual survived the war...
  7. Minden

    WW1 Uniform

    If I didn't know better I might suggest he was in the Mounted Military Police; the badge looks right, although I can't find a decent image on the net, and the armbands may be indicative of a special function/freedom to roam behind the lines. Thanks for pointing me to this thread, Steve ;)...
  8. Minden

    Thomas Hawkins 1829

    I'm looking for birth information regarding a Thomas Hawkins. He was a labourer around Worcester (Hanley Castle/Malvern/Leigh) from 1861-1881. I believe his father was also called Thomas, and his mother was Sarah Price, but I've lost the source of that data :rolleyes: . He gives his place of...
  9. Minden

    Yorkshire to US in late 1700's

    Going back a bit, people may have travelled by sea the long way round, because it was safer or more comfortable than travelling by land, even in the England of the early 18th Century. Without railways or canals, the roads were pretty poor and bumpy.
  10. Minden

    Mystery Photo's.

    I'm convinced he's a Worcester. There's a photo of a very serious young man taken about the same time, with a number of similar uniform features, here: http://www.worcestershireregiment.com/wr.php?main=inc/photo_g_fenton The belt I think is an item of 'walking out' dress, as is the cane...
  11. Minden

    Mystery Photo's.

    How about the Worcestershires? The elongated badge says that to me very strongly, and the curved shoulder title (see here: http://www.worcestershireregiment.com/wr.php?main=inc/em_others ). Loads here about what happened to them in 1940...
  12. Minden

    1911 census

    I gave in and spent the money yesterday. Didn't learn anything of value, though. I did find another mystery, but I'm not sure that a Scotsman telling lies on the census is worth £25 to me. Maybe I need to re-discover my family history mojo :cool:
  13. Minden

    Copying from Genes Reunited

    What is the best software for me to use, if I want to copy my family tree from Genes Reuinited onto my PC? Is that even possible, or am I going to have to re-enter everything?
  14. Minden

    1911 census

    Any idea when Ancestry will get it? I too have two or three families of second cousins (somewhere in Lancashire) that I'd like to meet, but I figure if they've been out of touch since 1906, a couple of more years won't make a significant difference.
  15. Minden

    looking for Welch regiment

    The Welch Regiment (41st & 69th Regiment of Foot ) is NOT the Welsh Guards. There's loads on them in Gooogle, and they seem to have a pretty good regimental museum. They should be able to help you. You might even find a picture here...
  16. Minden

    local militia/territorial force/territorial army

    It should be the Royal East Kents (The Buffs). You're a bit stuck till 2011, because they're shifting their collections to the National Army Museum (see here: http://www.canterbury.gov.uk/buildpage.php?id=601 ). Failing that then maybe the people at the PWRR/Queens Regt museum might be able to...
  17. Minden

    Married the same woman twice, why?

    Not being funny, but are there any births around the time of the second wedding? Something to prompt a respectable commanding officer to make sure that no 'shame' falls on the regiment? You know what these Victorians were like....
  18. Minden


    "GREEN HAMMERTON, in the parish of Whixley, upper-division of Claro; 7 miles SE. of Boroughbridge and Wetherby, 8 from Knaresborough, 10 from York. Principal Inn, the George, a Posting House. Pop. 329." "PROVIDENCE GREEN, a single house in the township of Green Hammerton, and parish of...
  19. Minden


    http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/WRY/Harewood/more.html "WIGTON, a township, scattered houses in the parish of Harewood, upper-division of Skyrack; 3½ miles from Harewood, 5 N. of Leeds, 8 from Wetherby. Pop. [in 1822] 164."